Books books and more books; 10 things about books in my life

Sometimes in my mind I compose blog posts about the things around me and happening.  Sometimes they get written, sometimes I forget the idea and I’m left with the nagging feeling that I intended to write about something… And sometimes they are just incomplete thoughts (like this incomplete sentence).

Today I have a collection of incomplete thoughts but they are all about books so here is my list.


1. My friend posted this on facebook – now I don’t like books more then people in general but more than some people.  I think books on the whole are more interesting but people do have more infinite possibilities because they keep going.  Otherwise I do like the list.


2. This morning was dominated by finding the books that belong to the library.  No matter how hard we try to segregate them, they get sucked into the book hoard of Zoe.  2 of the 4 missing, and long over due, books were found in her bed, under her covers obviously hidden.  She understands the concept of the library just fine but she just like to collect things.


3. The new night time trend is book reading.  First I grant x# of books they can pick and I will read IF they don’t fight or come up and bother me while I’m putting Fiona to bed.  It took a few weeks of them loosing a book or two each for me to hear; Zoe – “No, don’t go upstairs, we will loose a book, we can just wait two minutes for mom”.  Nice to know it is sinking in, however, it does not exactly stop them 100%


4. Besides the books I read Zoe likes to read to herself for about an hour after I tuck her in.  This keeps her calm and happy and we got her a reading light.  Then we constructed a tent so the light didn’t bother Niamh…  Sometimes she comes up and needs help making room for herself in her bed and when I come to help I remove 40 books easily and there are still a few she is sleeping with.


5. There are books in every room of the house.  Some rooms are more full than others but the laundry room is the only one that does not have a spot for books (but there are still a few that drift in and out).


6. Fiona has hit the book obsessed stage.  She wants me to read the same book over and over but at least she will rotate to other books daily.  Her favorites are a set my mom gave Niamh and Zoe a few years ago, they are from the MET and are a good size board book; not tiny and not huge and not even regular book size – they are like a size 2 book.  She will sit and read by herself for 15 or 20 minutes if given the free time and good mood.  Right now I can usually tempt her out of a tantrum with reading a book.  Long may it last…  Not-so-coincidently, she is getting better and better at talking.  This disserves a post too, but, she now clearly says; book, dog, cat, apple, cow, NO (no no no nononononono NO!) apple, and many many more.  Some words you have to know what she is trying to say but that list I believe anyone with a general ear for kid speak would understand.  She is also starting to say words that sound like her sisters names but they are not quite intelligible.


7. Fiona again; at a new house she goes for the books


8. I read enough that I was offered a pre-release of a book from Amazon, I started it last night.  I have a feeling it is ‘free’ like the first hit of crack is ‘free’….


9. I need suggestions on new books to read and listen too, I’ve run through the authors I’m familiar with and I’m getting to the random picking from the shelf stage


10.  I just read The Feminine Mystique for a book club.  It is actually the second time I read it and I re-read it because I HATED it when I read it as a senior in college.  I figured maybe being in a more mature, post baby, actually staying at home stage of life I might like it but I actually HATED IT MORE.  I had to stop reading it because I was mad at it.  I don’t like how narrowly it is written, I don’t like that the author seems to cherry pick facts to support her position but the thing I think I hate most is that her position flip flops worse then your average politician.  I was raised firmly in a post feminism house and world so maybe the fact that it is dancing on the edge of something is what really gets me but I’ve read plenty of histories and plenty of things written before x or y discovery and I’ve never hated what a book has to say more.  Needless to say book club might be interesting.


10 is a good place to stop… I could go on but that would cut into my reading time 🙂


ps.  I still think blogs are the perfect blend of book and person.  Nicely written stories I can relate and/or learn from that never end.


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3 responses to “Books books and more books; 10 things about books in my life”

  1. kateluthner79 says :

    Oh! Not to leave Niamh out! She is actually learning how to read for real and that is pretty cool 🙂


  2. Marquee hire London says :

    Your style is unique compared to other people I have read stuff from. Thank you for posting when you have the opportunity, guess I will just bookmark this page.


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