Exercising my brain

Today I got up before the sun, got dressed in clothing that nobody had a chance to spill on, then, drank a cup of coffee in peace while I wrote up my to-do list.  I kissed a sleepy Niamh, who just emerged from bed, goodbye and went to a BUSINESS MEETING!  Yes, I met with a client who is retaining me to do various pieces of social media for them and it was great to think about businessy things for a few hours.  I left the meeting excited and ready to dive in and even though my #1 job is still Mother of 3, I have a little something for my brain to chew on.


I miss the work world where 90% of the time people do what they say they will.  Even if they need reminding, professionals tend to get it done.  One of the most frustrating things about volunteer and not for profit groups is the % of follow through plummets.  Everyone has good reasons and just like I’m a mother first, most of them are too (or fathers) but it is just disappointing to spin your wheels.  I know the solution is finding the right motivation but after a while the malaise is contagious and it is hard to not let it win.  I find myself repeating over and over ‘treat them as you would be treated not as you have been’.  I’ve see good results from taking the higher nicer road but it does get tiring!  Anyway, yippie for a group of people who will treat things like a job (because it is a job).


In other exciting news I’ve begun baking bread for the week.  This is my third week and I have high hopes that this will be the week that it looks AND tastes good.  So far I’ve had tasty bread but it looked odd.  Last week it was a yeast issue but I got new yeast so fingers crossed…  I’m adding all sorts of extra healthy things to boost the nutrition so that may also effect the look so today we will see.  Niamh is home today (school closed) so she helped and so did Fiona so it was a slow process but by noon I not only had a business meeting, I also did 2 loads of laundry, made lunch, and have bread dough rising.  The only bad thing to a great morning is the potential for afternoon fail by comparison but since Fiona is actually napping the chance of epic and spectacular toddler angst fail is relatively low.  My only goal of the afternoon is to get to the post office and I feel that is in reach.


Time to go use my naptime wisely and do dishes or read a book or something ::smile::


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