two stamps to Australia



20140117-144805.jpgGuess what is in this envelope?

It is a letter to THE Original Other Kate!  A few days ago I got more e-mail for her and it included her complete address (she is getting something picked up) and I could not pass up the opportunity to attempt to find closure on this Other Kate thing.


I wrote a nice note (I hope) that should not sound too much like a stalker but hey, she has been sending me stuff to my email for years!  Once or twice I can see it just being a typo but there is more to this.  Maybe you need to add AU or something to the end of an australian google address?  I don’t know but hopefully soon I will.


I gave her the address for this blog too so if she (you?!?) is reading please know that the O.K. saga has been a fan favorite over the years.  Fear not, this is not over yet because there are at least 2 other Kates using my address; one in PA who seems obsessed with soccer and one in England who may be still unaware that she used my address for and it isn’t that she just isn’t popular with the gentlemen.

If I get a reply I’ll let everyone know, until then back to the kids – it is a day off for school here so we are at 100% girl power today.


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