the COLD

I like to think that the worst thing happening in the whole country is super cold weather because while it is nasty it isn’t as bad as school shooting, massive earthquake that kills and destroys, or even a dug up scandals involving politicians/church/celebrity. I will take endless weather talk over any and all of the above.

Here in MN cold is a way of the winter. After a balmy summer where you still need a sweater in the car in case you stay out late, fall brings you jackets and winter brings you double layer coats. On another blog I read someone didn’t know there were inner and outer layer coats (the discussion stemmed from the fact that you string mittens between the layers) so for the 1 layer coat world out there I’ll clear it up. Many (not all) coats are basically two coats designed to be worn together but can also function as separate jackets. They zip together and have tabs on the sleeves to keep them in once piece. Anyway, 2 of 3 kids have them and they are the best. Personally my coat is not two layers but it is a super arctic thinsulate one. Lars wears my swag snowmobile jacket and it is toasty warm. If you ever want a WARM jacket go for a snowmobile jacket – it is actually too warm to wear normally. Needless to say our entry way looks like a padded room because in addition to the 5 coats we need daily, we also have lighter or heavier (like the snowmobile one) extras in the mix AND extra coats for the girls for when one is in the wash. Winter is dirty… all that salt on the car is just gross not to mention eating in a coat is like asking it to be encrusted in *whatever*. Keeping them looking like kids who have parents who care is an extra load of laundry every week.

So our schools were closed Monday and Tuesday. Monday we had the odd mix of Niamh and Fiona since preschool was still open so off Zoe went in -23 degrees. Tuesday I made up for Monday by taking a friends daughter so they could go to work. It is my stay at home mom karma builder but in a way it was just as easy since they had a great time together. By the end of the day they were still friends but along the way they both had moments. We even did the cold weather fun things like boiling water in the air and freezing bubbles (bubbles didn’t work for us). Today is the other end of the spectrum where all 3 kids are in school because today Fiona officially starts her 1 day a week daycare day. I think it is important for her social development and I have been saving things to do on this daycare day for months. I wish I could nap but I spent the day doing complicated tax stuff for the rentals and next up is the bills. How did I do this and work?

Thats the week so far. Nothing all that picture worthy happened while I had a camera handy and the cool stuff we did I didn’t have a camera. 4 kids is more all around, I’m going to stick with 3.


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