fit bit oh fitbit

I asked for, and received, a fit bit for christmas. Maybe I love metrics just a little too much to actually desire a little machine that tracks my steps for the day and how I sleep.

It was actually a surprise because it was one of those things I really did not think someone would get for me, but, my mom loves hers so she gave me one. (she also loves counting, I come by it naturally). In her traditional 2 story house with 15 steps the stair tracker worked perfectly, for the record, I did those stairs 16 times a day at least. In the back of my mind I wondered if it would count my split level house stairs as stairs or not… to save you time reading, no, it does not.

In my mom’s house the stairs are the boundary between upstairs bedrooms and downstairs communal rooms. In my house stairs are more like furniture because they are in every room.20140106-150252.jpg 

I’ve contemplated if I broke a leg and were confined to one floor what one would I choose; answer – my top story because it has a bathroom, bedroom and the livingroom overlooks the kitchen level so I can bellow for someone to feed me. Anyway, it would be slightly unfair if my 9 step stairs were counted the same as mom’s 15 step set but it also should not count for nothing. I wrote to fitbit support to see if there was a possible fix and I got answered by someone who honestly did not understand my question because he kept explaining how “there must be a 10ft elevation increase to count as stairs” and endlessly told me how to test if it was broken by going up “10ft of stairs”. I shake my head at the exchange and then gave him a dismal satisfaction score.*

My solution for this issue would be to have some sort of way to tally steps, each step up counts as 1 and when you go up 15 (or something) steps it count’s as 1 set of stairs. If you have an extra long flight the remainder of stairs after the 15 count toward the next set and so on. This would work well for people who have lots of small steps because as we know from step aerobics; height of steps is not the aim, it is repetition.

Maybe they will change, maybe they won’t but as a warning to anyone shopping for a fit bit and has a multi level split beware of the stair count issue.

*my bad survey bumped me to another service person so we will see

Ps. I do like the fit bit otherwise, it is a cute little stat machine

PPs. When I say it is ‘messed up’ on stairs I mean it gets very very confused because some days it says I have 8 floors and other times 22.




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