Monday to Sunday in 24 hours

Today totally felt like a Sunday.  Lars had off, we kicked around and set up our new sound bar system. Now we have HD TV and HD sound. I took the opportunity to tidy up the chords back there in the abyss behind the tv and I found 4 things plugged in that were attached to nothing. Apparently we remove things but not their chords.

We got mexican food, then the evening really really felt like a sunday as we got everything ready for school tomorrow. I can’t believe they go back for two days then a weekend but whatever, I’m not in charge of that.  niamh seems happy to go back so that is a good sign. The only thing I don’t look forward to is being slave to the bus again.  After the very Monday feel of yesterday it is double odd to have today be so Sunday like Lars even took out the trash to the curb.

Im still  mulling over resolution and results so maybe tomorrow I will get something out. Any of you have any interesting resolutions?



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