Final week; Creative Process

Welcome to Week Three of the month-long Carnival of Creative Mothers to celebrate the launch of The Rainbow Way: Cultivating Creativity in the Midst of Motherhood
by Lucy H. Pearce

Today’s topic is Creative Inheritance. Do read to the end of this post for a full list of carnival participants. 

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December 11th: The Creative Process.


The last week of the Blog Carnival is here and the final topic is The Creative Process.

I’m going to take this one literally, or,  what ‘creative process’ means to me.

First I think that projects need to age like fine wine.  I like to get an idea and let it simmer for a while.  Then I acquire things for the project and they sit around and mature for a while longer (sometimes a day or a year, sometimes longer).  When I find time to do a project it is not a ‘first in first out’ type of list but more like ‘do what needs to be done now’.

At some point in nearly every new project I HATE IT and want to toss it and start over.  This is especially true with drawing/painting/scribal things but it is also true with many of the things I sew or paint or create.  I acknowledge the feeling and sometimes the project takes a rest and sometimes I pick it up in the morning and it flows from there, sometimes it hangs out on a shelf in disgrace for a while.  If I feel like it is just a personal gripe about how it looks at the moment I can usually just move on and make it right as I go because sometimes stopping is not an option.

I thought this was looking bad for a while but now I love it.

I have learned that when something goes very wrong, like sewing on a sleeve backwards or messing up a cut, that I need to stop.  Mid stitch if necessary. If I force the issue it usually gets way worse and sometimes I get hurt.  My grandfather lost 2.5 fingers to doing a project when he should not have but he just pushed on because of a deadline.  I have tested my limits and luckily I still have all 10 fingers so I would like to keep it that way.  Usually after a break I can sort things out and avoid real disaster but it is all part of the process.

The creative process for me is as much about dreaming it up and refining what I want to do as it is about the actual doing.  I grudgingly allow that cleaning up is technically part of the process too but on my list of things to do with lotto winnings is to hire a craft assistant who would be in charge of clean up.  Once I clean up a project it means it is over.  Note I don’t really say finished because I end up tweaking things later or in the next version but I hate having to clean up mid project so the kids have learned that sewing stuff on the other end of kitchen table is just the way life goes.

don’t judge!

I could go on and on but this last thing will have to be it.  The process + kids = mixed results.  Sometimes I can carve out time to work alone and really fly through a project but most of the time there is a child in the area.  I never know if they will stay happy and playing or eating, or, if I’ll need to stop instantly but I’ve gotten used to it now.  I’ve semi perfected sewing with a kid on my lap and Fiona even helped me find a function I didn’t even know I had by pushing buttons.  They all know to keep their hands away but they like to see the action.  Even shopping for items is a crap shoot with kids in tow, sometimes they are into it and sometimes not and sometimes they are so into it I end up buying things for them to use too.  I can see my process in how my kids do projects too.  There is talk for weeks and weeks about something, and then drawing/planning, and then activity and eventually a product.  Niamh’s school is challenging the kids each month with a STEM project and I love seeing what and how she creates.

Project in process….


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    • Carnival host and author of The Rainbow Way, Lucy at Dreaming Aloud looks at the common lies we tell ourselves about creativity in The Eternal Summer of the Creative Mind.
    • Caitriona at Wholesome Ireland – from start to new beginnings.
    • Hannah M. Davis writes about Unleashing Your Authentic Voice. So many of us would love to write a life-changing book. How do you get over the blocks and barriers that hold you back? 
    • Sylda from Mind the Baby compares her creative process to a maelstrom of weather warnings.
    • In “As an Artist”, Lucy Pierce at Soulskin Musings offers a poem about how the creative process beckons her through many of the archetypes of womanhood.
    • Jackie Stewart at talks about how creativity is opening up a space for the unknown to reveal itself to you in ‘Creativity Flourishes in the Sacred Unknown’.
    • Alex at Art of Birth shares some practical tips on how you can unlock your creative goddess within!
    • Nicki at justlikeplay shares a love letter to her muse.
    • Marija Smits has a conversation with her muse and reflects on the difficulties of catching and creating from the Goddess of Inspiration.
    • Zoie at TouchstoneZ reflects on her creative process.
    • Licia Berry, Illumined Arts “Creativity and Healing are Ideal Partners”. The creation of visual, musical, or expressive arts is the quickest, most effective and painless way to heal.
    • Kirstin at Listening to the Squeak – My creative process and how to break creative blocks.
    • Ali Baker talks about connecting
      with the call of the wolf when she cries to us to do so means giving
      our time and permission to honour the creative process within all of us.
    • Mary at The Turquoise Paintbrush reflects on her creative process.
    • KatyStuff thinks that projects need time to mature, that is why she is a fabric and craft hoarder. 
    • Aimée at Creativeflutters goes into her creative process and looks at what makes things tick or flop in “Spontaneous She – How to Keep Your Muse at Work”.
    • Kae at The Wilde Womb muses about her common creative blocks as a parent and how she systematically breaks through them.
    • Angela at Peach Coglo tries to get comfortable with her own creative process. 
    • Biromums write about their creative processes.
    • Dawn at The Barefoot Home believes the creative process can’t be taught it has to come organically and at its own pace.
    • Tara at Aquamarine Art began uncovering her lost inner artist over 5 years ago and shares her experiences and inspirations in “From Spark to Bonfire: The Evolution of A Creative Process.”
    • Darcel at The Mahogany Way examines her own creative process.
    • Sharron at Adventures on the mindful path writes and creates in between (and sometimes while) chasing two little boys and a puppy.  
    • Laura at Authentic Parenting reflects on her creative process.
    • Georgie at Visual Toast explores what the creative process looks like for her.


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10 responses to “Final week; Creative Process”

  1. Lucy Pearce says :

    “The process + the kids= mixed results” never a truer word spoken!!! Loving the don’t judge me picture 🙂


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