Kid art… or is it

I just wrote my last installment on the ‘creative process’ for the Creative Carnival and it will be published tomorrow morning.  In a nutshell my process is long and thoughtful (see more tomorrow) but sometimes I wish I could just sit down and GO DO ART.  Occasionally I can shorten my process to virtually nothing but the doing, but, usually only on things I’m totally sure of and thus they are not overly creative.


Zoe is in the golden age of 3 where art happens.  Here are 2 pieces she sat down and just did.  They are for her god parents but since one of her god parents has virtually fallen off the planet it might be for her stand in Aunt Josie.  I love them, I don’t know if I am just biased but I would say this is good for whatever age made it.


titled; Fire Rainbow

dark beach



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One response to “Kid art… or is it”

  1. josiemacm says :

    My official request is for ‘Dark Beach’


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