Happy Birthday Blog

I almost forgot but today is my Blogs birthday!  Ironically, I was reminded by my googlebot so my electronics stick together like a good team should.


Here is my first post – not sure if it really merits reading since I’m hardly the same person anymore.  I have talked about why I write here lots of times over the 9 years but it still boils down to wanting to share my life with my family and friends.  I’m very pleased to add a crew of blog friends to the list of people I write for, people I have never met but read what I write sometimes gives me a push to write and more importantly do something worthy of writing about.


Since that first post that location  did close.  I got a new job and then left that job.  We bought the house and have been doing things to it over the years.  I am still married and we added 3 kids to the family.  One of the two cats I had then has since disappeared and is presumed dead along with 1 known dead and one other MIA – my blog has outlived 3 pets, look at that.  I can go on about the changes but it is all written down, no need to rehash.


My yearly disclaimer ~ I write from my life but I don’t write my life.  There are tons of things I don’t share for tons of reasons so hopefully my positive view portrayed in writing never leads someone to the conclusion that I’ve ‘got it all’ or ‘have it all under control’ – I just choose to document the good stuff and let myself forget the annoying or petty.


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