woe is me

Skip this one if you don’t want to hear it…



Still here?


So I am slightly bitter at the Mom’s club I’m in.

I try to keep the bright side in mind;

– I’ve met really nice ladies, occasionally they want to do the same thing as I do.

– I would rather have 5 good friends then 30 people I kinda know.

– The new members are more active and fun

– I like the ability to ask a question and get feedback relatively fast from a group ‘like me’

– I have met a ton of local people that I see around and can have a little chat with


However the bad stuff is creeping in and raining on my parade

– I’m the only one that proposes to do anything

– I’m one of a very few that goes to anything

– I can’t count on people because sometimes they do the thing they say but sometimes they don’t

– Too often people cancel at the last minute leaving me holding the bag


And a pet peeve is happening too – Someone will propose some activity and I say “sure count me in!” and then nobody else joins and then the original person says something like “well it is just you so I’m going to cancel”….  I can rationally put that in a nice way but it also screams that they just wanted more people and I was not good enough.  The reverse it true too where one person will say they can come but then nobody else does so they cancel because it is “just me”.  I seriously am happy for any company, I don’t need 20, 1 person is great!  Maybe I’m needy or maybe my NY upbringing is different and I’ll never get it but I’m tired of it.  (this peeve is not just the moms club, has happened with other people too)  It is hard not to get a complex after a while.  Someone actually said “sure, if I have nothing else going on I’ll call you”…. um, don’t do me any favors ok –  That was from a mom of a girl Niamh adores and for her I will try try again with playdates etc but being bottom of the pile stinks.

See, I told you this was a gripy post.  Seriously I tell myself that if I just put stuff on the calendar that I’m doing anyway then company is gravy. I should just contact the moms I like directly for a playdate of mutual convenience but then I am turning my back on the people who might want to come out if only I asked.

I’m not going to solve this by complaining.  The only way around it is through it.  I will do my best and if people like me they will do it too, if they don’t they won’t and that is their loss.


ok, Fiona is awake and decorating fest 2013 can continue and hopefully writing this and setting it free in the world will get it off my mind.




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