Looking in my pictures

I am attempting to find the right picture(s) for our christmas card and I came across this.


This isn’t right for a christmas card,  I have a very specific idea about what is right for a card and I spend way too long finding it.  I’m sure nobody else in the world cares what picture I send and most people glance at it for about 10 seconds, and if I’m lucky, they hang it up for a bit.  I don’t care that I spend too much time on it, I like making it just right.  Regardless, I still like this picture of Niamh and it should not stay locked in my computer forever.


In addition to christmas card design, today is all about making christmas happen in our house.  I think the outside will just have to live with a simple wreath because my outside lights didn’t work and now it is too cold to fuss with them out there.  If I have time and energy I do have a cool project that I might do (pun on cool intended – it is working with ice) but since we are not going to actually be here for christmas I have to weigh my efforts v returns.  So far we have brought the christmas tree inside and are hopeful that it will defrost enough to stop looking like a pine scented light post.  I’ve put up the christmas curtains and we are moving ahead on gift making.  Aunts/Uncles/cousins/godparents – expect hand made art in your near future.


ps. even if it never relaxes, I love the smell of a pine tree so it can stay.


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