Meeting Santa

It was a spur of the moment decision to go but I am glad we did.


Here is the classic picture – not shown is Zoe talking non stop about our cat.  I’m not sure she even mentioned gifts but talked about how our cat went to a cat party and never came home.  This is an interesting fabrication of her 3 year old mind but persistent, she was the first to call him dead but is now insisting he is at a multi month cat-extravaganza that is too fun to come home from.

Anyway, I guess I know where Zoe gets her tangents about cats from….  Moving on, the quintessential unhappy 1.5 year old picture

For reference here is Zoe’s from 2011.  We didn’t even try with Niamh at the same age because she hated all people. Fiona was feeling fragile since she is still puking but if I’m holding her she is fine.

A friend was there with us so we actually got a semi-decent family picture too

And then we walked around on the ice because we could.  Personally I don’t like to go out until I see a truck out there but there were plenty of people out, plus, it is shallow there anyway.

We almost made it to the tree lighting but Niamh was too cold and Fiona had enough so away we went.

Hope your Dec 1 was festive and fun



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