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Year End and my perpetual confusion about where I am and what day it is.

We are home again and in the strange time-warp of coming home at an odd time during a holiday week.  Usually we are in NY until NewYear so I always mentally say good-bye to the MN year before we leave but this year we got home with 2 days to spare.  It was good to  have these days to unwind and sleep a bit and get back on track, but, we have zero New Years plans because we are never here that day.  Given the 3 under 6 crowd I don’t think we would have really planned anything but as of now (5:30 NYE) the plan is to play some games, eat dinner, experiment with Keurig drinks, watch a family movie and hopefully have a nice time at home.  The normal swim lesson and workout for a normal Tuesday is out the window.

Taking one step back, to any who were wondering the return flight was highly uneventful.  We got there in plenty of time. Suncountry is in an international terminal of JFK so it was us, those going to South Africa and those going to the Middle East – you can guess who was the minority in that place.  Big positive; Hummus!  The girls feasted on hummus and declared it way better then McDonalds.  It was a full flight but the nice Indian man who sat next to us was extremely nice.  He thought Fiona was a baby goddess and said he missed having people fall asleep on him since he is used to Inda level crowd and for any that don’t know, that makes a normal cramped airplane seem perfectly acceptable.  Another cultural difference; I asked if he had kids and he said “No! I’m only 35… maybe in a few years”.  I didn’t tell him I was younger but age is pretty relative and culture is pretty strong and I wish him well on his quest for a wife (in a few years when he goes back to India per plan).  I really do like meeting people on airplanes, just like Fight Club says, it is a nice little mini friendship.

We came home to a clean house thanks to cleaning mania before we left but in no time we made it look like 67 kids lived here.  Returning on a Sunday was odd but then we swapped daycare days and Niamh is still on vacation so I’m constantly wondering what day it is.  I remind myself that today is Tuesday even though I did no Tuesday things and quite a few Monday things…. whatever… at some point it will be the weekend and next week will get back to ‘normal’.

No time tonight for an introspective of 2013 – I have kid dinner to referee and then hopefully a beer in the hot tub to ring in the new year.

All the best to all of you – see you in 2014 (except for my friends in Australia that are there already 😉

Christmas #2

I have a long post cooking but until then a few pictures of our home Christmas.

99% fabric wrapping. This is its own post sometime.




Their BIG gift was a huge Barbie house but I am gratified to say that they played with the Legos first and Barbie is still in the box.

Taking a few days off

Even Making the kids cook and stuff

See you in a few days

Christmas Day (so far)

Stockings in bed from Santa


Extreme excitement for the gifts to come




Even Fiona got with the program after days of “don’t touch!” She finally got to open






And there was even some snow so Zoe says it can officially be Christmas


Happy Christmas to all, we are all pretty happy here.

Ps. Sorry for blurry pictures, they are so excited they are blurry in real life too.

Christmas full steam ahead

I took the weekend off, it was a busy one and I’m not even positive I can tell you what we did what day because it was a whirl wind of activity.

We arrived in good order, leaving just ahead of the storm that is squatting on the midwest.  The flight was super full so someone got the pleasure of sitting between me and Niamh and I had a cyclone sitting on my lap.  I know everyone says it, but, Suncountry planes seem to be tighter then average and I was wishing for just an  inch more space.  Lars sat near a smelly person so he had it worse in some ways but I left the plane beat up and battered by tiny fists of fury.

That night and the next day were the normal visiting and getting settled thing with the notable issue of Fiona becoming nocturnal.  At midnight she was using me like a jungle gym and at 1am she was using the bed as a trampoline.  I could not put her in her bed or she would scream like crazy.  It was a very long night and I am glad I could just shove her at the first adult I could see (my dad) and go back to bed.

My sister and her crew arrived last night and now it really feels like christmas with everyone together and friendly chaos.

So far I have all but 1 or 2 things purchased and I have 2 projects to complete and then there is all that pesky wrapping to do.  I am done with the girls nightgowns for this year, the fabric is not super christmas but I love the owls (for Zoe) and the fox (for what does the fox say) and both were a big part of the year.  I cranked them out in about 2.5 hours and Fiona’s took longest because I had to do a neck facing because of her big baby head.  I have christmas outfits for them all too so I’m pretty square there.


My time on the computer is just about up so if we want pictures I need to stop here.  Hope everyone is doing well with the holiday countdown or just enjoying this week in December.