Old work

Yesterday fate dictated that I go to Polaris so I took the drive I took thousands of times but not in the past 17 months.  Over those 17 months I have thought about work less and less as other things take front and center on by brain but certain times of year trigger the itch to do a certain ‘work thing’ (a lot like how september makes you want to buy school supplies).  If I was at work right now I would be compiling end of year ‘stuff’ like tidying up the stats on my suppliers, harassing them about pricing for next year, and setting up reviews and expectations for the year to come.  Honestly I don’t miss much of that but I do miss being good at it.  I’m sure if I was there I would be grinding my teeth about doing the same thing again for the 9th year in a row because I seriously doubt any of my issues with the company would have changed but with time comes nostalgia…

So the reason I had to go in was that 5 years ago or so I bought a trailer from a coworker there and since it never went anywhere I never registered it.  Now I have a buyer for the traier (yippie!!!) but I must legally own it to sell it.  The paperwork I have tenaciously held onto for years should have been fine BUT it was not.  The nice ladies at the DMV firmly yet politely said no to the form he had given me because of a tiny thing but you don’t argue with the DMV when the fix is relatively easy.  An email, a conversation, a meeting is set for the previous owner to sign on the line but that does bring me back to the building I left in my past.

I convinced myself that I would know practically nobody there and that I would have been forgotten.  I could not have been more wrong.  Not only did I see one of my favorite engineers in the lobby but at least 10 other people stopped to say hi or waved.  The company is big and far flung so it is conceivable that I just work in a different location and that is about how I was treated, as if I still belonged there.  That was a nice feeling even if it is not really true.  I belong here now, and somewhere else in the future.  Going back would be the equivalent of trying to wear stretched out yoga pants; they might be comfortable and easy but not going to get me anywhere.


I drove away far more happy and peaceful then the last time so that was a nice bonus.

**this would have been a perfect place to end, all up note and happy, HOWEVER**


After a nice morning of breakfast and race to the bus and a few chores and a few games and a trip to target I settle in front of the computer to do the things that require a qwerty keyboard and right on top of my inbox was an email about OLD WORK!  Specifically asking me about a set of parts I moved maybe 5 years ago.  I did know the answer and I like the person who asked so I answered but said I would bill for future e-mails.  On the bright side, I like to be needed and relevant even if it is for ancient info.

Since I am still writing and nobody is crying, I have to say that the same-but-different feeling I got there is creepy feeling.  I always get this feeling when I visit a place I used to go all the time like my old high school or my hometown or the grocery store we went to when we lived in a different town.  Anyway, this one was even stronger because people who always sat together were still sitting together, eating the same lunchbox food and following lunch with a brisk walk.  It is creepy to feel like NOTHING changed and the place is in a social bubble, but, seeing a major addition to the building (that looks exactly like the first half) and a ton of people I didn’t know.  This is not a new or unique or even very interesting thought so I am going to just wrap this up and go do something useful.

Happy ending, I sold the trailer we were not using and was killing our grass, lets just stop here.


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