Christmas is coming and Thanksgiving is too!

I don’t know how but I’ve frittered away my ‘free’ time between Halloween and Thanksgiving and it occurred to me today that we better get a turkey or something.  My sister and her crew are all coming to visit so we will have a very full house for 3 days.  Menus must be planned in advance to feed 7 kids and 4 adults, can’t just look in the fridge and figure it out.


Thanksgiving being later means Christmas is coming even faster than I thought.  I know, time passes at a constant rate (allegedly…) but Niamh asked me today how long until my birthday and I asked the date and with the answer “November 19th” that means my birthday is in 30 days.  Not that my birthday is a national holiday with fireworks or planning but it does precede Christmas by a mere 7 days so I need to get going on that beast of a project.  I have good ideas for a little gift for all my aunts and uncles and cousins, I can bang it out assembly line style one weekend and I’m happy with the idea.  Other family gifts I have not given much thought but we are going to NY for christmas so with 30 days to go I had to hop on airline tickets.  With the wonders of the internet and Lars right there I managed to find tickets at reasonable prices with zero layover at times that are good for avoiding traffic and maxamizing normal kid schedules so I call that a massive win.  The fact I did the entire transaction in under 10 minutes makes me nervous on one hand but feel like a travel pro on the other.  Anyway, NY here we come (in a month)  ((anyone want to feed our cat?))


I need to get going on my massive to-do list that just had ‘shop for turkey’ added so until tomorrow~

Wasn’t Halloween yesterday? How can it already be Thanksgiving?


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5 responses to “Christmas is coming and Thanksgiving is too!”

  1. Feet from Shore says :

    What a beautiful girl! I love the variety of colors on her!


  2. Karen Moldenhauer says :

    Josh and I can feed Mr. Pink!


    • kateluthner79 says :

      Awesome! Thanks, who knew the blog would actually yield a cat feeding offer… I’m going to aim higher next time (or was that my one blog wish granted?!?)


  3. Darcel {The Mahogany Way} says :

    The holidays kinda creep up on us right after Halloween, don’t they? I also have a long gift list, but thankfully don’t need to worry about cooking for Thanksgiving. I have enough on my plate trying to keep a roof over our heads!


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