Language Bear give away – giving away

Last week I reviewed the cool dual language book “Bosley builds a tree house” by Tim Johnson and he was kind enough to offer a free copy to the winner of whatever contest I created to give it away.  I asked for comments on the post and I got 3 – I know commenting is hard, I’m bad at it too, it is so much easier to just read my feed reader but all three commenters will be rewarded.


I went to a random number generator and was given the number 2 and #2 in comment order is Kelly S  and I am very glad to pass this along to a fellow Mom.  To Merideth G and Bhavya you both get 50% off a copy as runners up. (all these people will also be contacted via e-mail)


Giving away things is fun!  I also have the side bonus of having something easy to write about today since I’m in the middle of a marathon day.  I remember last night bemoaning that I had nothing going on today and Monday kinda stunk because I didn’t have anything that day and then I sat and actually thought about it and I really really did have a ton of things to do today.  As of 2pm today I have;

Fed 3 kids breakfast

cleaned up after breakfast

went to the post office to mail something to my mom

went to the library to drop off a book that got a final notice today meaning pretty soon I could own it like it or not

went to costco and did a bunch of shopping

went to marshalls to find a couple gifts for 2 birthdays this weekend

went to the mall for lunch and a carousel ride

stopped at a sandwich place to pick up Lars’s lunch because he got trapped on a work call


Looking forward I am picking Niamh up early from school so we can all go get flu shots, then home to clean some because tonight I’m having the Moms club board meeting.  Meanwhile Lars and Niamh will be going to STEM night at her school.


For a nothing planned day I have a lot going on~


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One response to “Language Bear give away – giving away”

  1. pmizzi says :

    Thank you for the post office part of the day 🙂


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