My baby is getting bigger

Fiona is still a little sweet pea, smaller than most medium sized dogs and even some large turkeys so her babyhood is lasting a nice long time.  There also isn’t anyone pushing the timeline so she can stay in the crib and the baby room for as long as she wants to.  She has been very content to stay in the baby bucket and that is a good thing because you are not supposed to go front facing until 20lb – a point she really just hit a month or so ago.  The seat would be fine for months more except for winter coat fluff, the buckles are just getting to hard to do with the coat so here she is, last time in the bucket.

And vola!  A big girl seat that makes her look smaller than ever

Then there is Zoe who upgraded to a booster with a back.  I vaguely regret this because she had mastered the 5 point harness and could completely buckle herself in but she has trouble with the normal seat belt.  She is very happy with the change, and, she even moved locations so now she can ‘drive’ with me.

I can handle change at this pace, I don’t exactly get a choice but I’m glad to get just a tiny bit longer.


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