Zoo Zoo Zoo

Today we spent basically the whole day out at the zoo and now there is napping going on.  I am so glad we are finally where naps are on the flexible side and there were no tantrums at all. Two moms joined me and we had 5 kids total and it was a perfect zoo outing.  I don’t have a ton of time today for a long story but it must be noted that I finally saw the beaver do something;

We saw it gnaw down this tree and haul it up the dam

And then it did laps with the stick for a long time, the kids ran back and forth watching and it was great

There were plenty of places for the kids to really run and play and watch the animals scamper around.  The MN zoo is nice in all seasons, it is built for a cold climate so there is a huge number of things to do 100% indoors and the trail with the beaver (and some otters, wolves, coyotes and northern birds) is a mostly covered path that is chilly but not like outside cold.  The outside trails are nicely shaded for the summer except for a few stretches and while I may have problems with the level of info available about the animals, whoever planned the space gets an A++.


Ok, time to fit all the things I normally do all day into the 1 hour before I get Niamh but who cares if the dishes are washed, we had a great day at the zoo.




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