Happy November!

November…. you know what that means!  NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) where I post every day, even weekends.  For the last few years I’ve made it just fine, a few hard moments when we were traveling or I nearly forgot a day but since I can upload a picture from my phone it has gotten far easier to ‘win’.  This year I might try and, you know, plan a bit so I don’t devolve into 30 pictures of the kids and/or cat.

I actually have two semi professional blogger type things to write about;

1.  The cool stickers I mentioned in September need a full write up, I am doing my last experiment this weekend and then I can really write about it

2. An author of a dual language childrens book asked me to do a review on an advance copy and post a review on its release date November 7th.  This one comes with a perk for you all, the author is offering a free book for me to give away and some 50% off offers too.  I will have fun with that give away because it is so fun to give away things (and I love books).

Halloween post is brewing, I didn’t get any pictures of my costume so I think I will wait to put all the ponies up together on Sunday.  I’m going to a costume party on Saturday night so I’ll have a good reason to put it on and take nice pictures with my man pony Lars.


Anyone else doing the nablopomo thing?  I would love to support you too!  comment if you are and I’ll update my blogroll in the side bar.

I hope I and you still love the blog in 32 days


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