Archive | October 18, 2013

Vacation week

This week was our first taste of school break, all the kids had Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off.  I joke with my NY friends that this is the MN version of Jewish holidays that so nicely break up the early school year for Long Island kids.  I think it is sorta for Columbus day but they also put 3 teacher in-service days so it isn’t fun for the teachers exactly but still a break from ‘school’.


Kindergarten does have homework.  Niamh has one paper, front and back, and it is pretty achievable work for her even with distractions.  I feel that it is just enough homework to make us feel lucky when she does not have any!  ASIDE:: I set up a homework spot just for her in the kitchen because it helped her focus.  The last thing I wanted was another thing in the kitchen but that is where we are and I didn’t want to isolate her.  Using the table was a disaster, sisters all over the place and distractions galore.  With her little tv tray she focuses and gets it done in no time::  The MIA teacher thing is still a thing.  The sub is actually really good but she had vacation plans for this break so we had a sub for the sub and I wonder, ever wonder, if this was the right school…


Anyway, Niamh is home with us and it feels like old times but a bit better and worse all rolled into one.  Niamh has gotten MORE capable and today she took Fiona way up to the top of the climbing gym, I could have sat and read a book things were so  under control (but I didn’t, I followed them around from the outside).  She is also way more intelligent about what needs to be done – she actually packed all the lunch today and I only asked once.  On the other hand, Fiona and Zoe don’t fight.  The days with them may have their sticky points but I don’t know if it is their personalities, ages, language capability or what but it is incredibly rare for #2 and #3 to fight.  Niamh and Zoe on the other hand must think that fighting is fun given the amount of umbrage they take over the slightest of infraction.  Niamh is also more willful about what she would like to do and gets in a tizzy about things that I have to talk her out of.  On the other other hand, Niamh and Zoe play together and are playing a long long game right now while Fiona is asleep.

The absolute best thing about no school is no set in stone schedule.  Niamh remarked the first morning off that she could eat as slow as she wants – no rush for the bus.  We didn’t have to worry about 4pm pickup and could go out or do anything we want after naps because we are not hemmed in by the pickup.  We have done a bunch of things but nothing that was super time sensitive.  We did a playdate with a preschool friend and they picked up where they left off like best friends.  We did the big marine park yesterday and even with the gray weather it was fun.  Today we did our normal Shoreview.  Over the past 2 days I’ve been pecking away at the pony costumes and I’m down to finishing touches and pulling it all together.  It is so handy to have the bodies you are fitting costumes to around.


It has been a busy and fun few days since we still had to fit in the post office, bank, grocery store, a craft store not to mention trying to clean the house … I think I’ll be looking forward to future vacations, the pro’s far outweigh the con’s.