Archive | October 15, 2013

we call this one an ‘oldest’ problem

You know how people say the youngest is spoiled and gets everything and the middle is always looking for attention and the oldest is always bossy?  Well yes, that is all true but there is more to the oldest story – sometimes you have to wait, and wait, and wait.


Poor Niamh is only 5 but we expect a lot of patience from her.  This weekend we were at an event (that was a great time all around) and her littlest sister hugged her and firmly stuck a lollipop into Niamh’s hair.  Niamh didn’t notice (how I do not know) but I saw it some time later and it was super stuck in there.  At the event there was basically nothing around to fix the situation so we had to say “just wait until later”.  See, the oldest does benefit from the salutatory neglect that comes more easily the more kids you have.  Really, freaking out would not have helped and she was not concerned either.

can’t really see it but that is a very stuck lolly pop

The next day dawns and thankfully all stay sleeping for just a bit longer.  The event went well meaning we stayed until late so there was no time for much when we got home.  Niamh calmly asks me about the sucker in her hair and we go about the 30 second fix that is super easy as long as you have access to very hot water


Step one – boil water and find a container the right size so the kid does not need to stand upside-down to get into it.  Lucky for us Niamh has long hair and it was in the bottom quarter

Step two fill container and then stick hair into it.  The unsticking magic starts fast

Here is a picture about 20 seconds after we started just so you all can see just how big and stuck it was

and that was that.  Two more seconds in the hot hot water and the sucker was dislodged and all was well with Niamh.  She ran off to continue bossing her sisters while Zoe did tricks for attention and Fiona was fawned over like the princess she is.


ps. Someone decided to pull the stick out at the event, I’m not sure who but thanks, I was not willing to even pull that hard for fear of yanking hair.


pps. Yes, Fiona did try and claim the candy from the water once she saw it.  She was denied that special treat.