Projects or cleaning, what a dilemma

Today was one of those great days where I got a TON done and the kids were relatively easy and all is well at the end of the day*.  Today I dropped the kids off**; 1 to school bus, 1 to preschool day and I got to the grocery store, 2 banks, the post office and then I went for a run.  I didn’t time this run since it was with the stroller and my plan was to run to the park so Fiona could play but instead she took an early nap.  While she slept I worked on getting the garage ready for cars and the major thing in the way of that is a dresser that needs painting.  I took the plunge and put Fiona in daycare for 2 hours so I could paint the dresser (tots and neat painting don’t mix).  I have a thing later in the month that I need daycare for so Lars has been pushing me to give her a trial run but it was still hard to drop her off.  It was odd having the house so quiet but it was nice to know I could focus on something for more then 10 minutes.


Unfortunately the productive Monday is following a weekend of doing things that made a mess so I’m not exactly ahead.

I spent my ‘free’ time over the weekend constructing pony costumes.  I’m making a fairly elaborate Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash for Zoe and Niamh respectively.  I’m making some version of pony for Fiona but not a well known one because I have no idea what she will keep on.  I’m also planning a modified pony costume for Lars and I too.

The weather kept us inside and the one 2 hour outing Lars took the girls on I used to construct one single set of pony wings.  I also finished one unicorn horn and 2 ‘body’ portions.  I went to the thrift store and got womens shirts of the right color and cut them down to make dresses.  Niamh’s looks great, Zoe’s is a bit less awesome because she pitched a fit about me using pins so I had to cut carefully while she was wearing it.  I actually feel bad about my plan to ‘pony’ Niamh’s dress because it came out really well but if I can do it once I can do it again and she will look just as cute.

I like recycling a shirt nobody wanted and for $4 I have a cute costume body.  The fabric would cost more then that (it is really nice soft wool blend)

The other messy thing this weekend was a ton of tomato sauce.  I turned this

into this

with just my ninja, a pot, and a lot of time waiting (all the better for making costumes during) and a friend cheering me on.  That 25lb bag of roma tomatoes was only $10!  I’m skipping growing my own and saving what I spent on plants to spend at the farmers market.

I’m super glad that I am getting these projects underway/done but action in one area leads to things sliding in the other.  The kitchen is suffering from costume mania and canning time so I think that is part of my work for today (now its Tuesday).  I also have to tackle the massive pile of clean laundry dominating my bed before I can go to sleep tonight.  Please don’t visit today, it is a wreck!  They do say that creativity comes from chaos and today in the random extra time between getting ready and heading out to the bus all three of my girls were sitting at my disaster of a kitchen table coloring and creating happy as can be.  Even Fiona colored on the paper most of the time.  No picture of that, I wouldn’t even put it up for shame of the piles of random stuff on the table, but it is a picture in my head forever.


*this was partially written last night pre bedtime and bedtime last night was VERY BAD.  Both bigger girls creating drama and tears over nothing things and carrying on for over an hour.  Tonight bed at 7 with no movie!  Mean mommy declares it!

** This didn’t fit but I have to laugh at the number of times I drove to the daycare yesterday.  I went at 8:40 with all three girls and I should have dropped #1 and #2 there but #1 forgot her backpack so we raced home and back and made it in time.  I brought #3 at 3pm, I went back at 4pm to pick up #1 from the bus, and back again at 5pm to pick up #2 and #3.  I made 5 trips to the same place in one day – do I get a prize?


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