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I wrote my congressperson

My Congressional representative is Michele Bachmann.  I like to call her crazy pants and I am a Republican.  I know, my mom just died a tiny bit because she has at least 2 republican offspring.  I’m a republican after doing a degree in political science so I might not be your garden variety, but, this is not about my political beliefs right now.  I’m tired of Mrs Bachmann speaking for me so tonight I wrote a short note that I’m sure a staffer will skim and circular file but I put it out there.

Here is what I wrote (copy and paste minus my address )


Email Me – Thank You

The following information has been submitted:


Issue: BUD

Message Subject: Please stop
Message Text:
I had a variety of things I wanted to put in the subject line but ‘please stop’ covers it. Please stop stalling. Please stop being the extreme. Please stop making it look like the regular people of MN support the way you are representing us. We need the government to run. We need to honor the laws and the National Health Care laws are on the books. If it does not work in the future we can work on that. I know that you are not running again but please don’t let your legacy be this mess. Thank you



So there you go mom, letter written.

Zoe’s first Haircut

I extracted some pictures from Lars’s phone.

Zoe’s first hair cut at 3.5 years old;

So skeptical look, but, there is a movie coming so maybe this might work out

The first cut!

The after picture.  Not radically different but it is much neater.


That is it, ‘babies’ first hair cut