Archive | October 2, 2013

What is going on over here

The full swing of fall is upon me and by 10pm I am nearly asleep.  Funny, Zoe isn’t asleep….  Poor Zoe really does just lay there for an hour not sleeping but she is so tired she can’t do anything else.  Tonight with a thunder storm she realized that thunder was a valid excuse to come up for the 600th time.  I am being patient, they need you most when they are at their worst (I tell myself).


Following up and noting a few things here so I don’t forget.  I hope to do more for each bullet but right now I’m just about awake enough for a list.


– Zoe had her first hair cut this weekend!  It was just a trim but it has improved her hair 100%.  I actually was not there, Lars took them and I had 1000 things to do in the hour they were gone.  Lars HAD to get a haircut, it was getting very puffy.  Niamh needed a trim too and at this point Zoe will pitch a fit if left behind and she needed a trim so in the interest of time Lars took care of it.  I have hogged most of the milestones, it is only fair Lars gets one.  He did take pictures but they are trapped in his phone.


– Mom’s club is taking off nicely.  Moving to meet-up has attracted a few more ladies and I love meeting new people.  The icing on the cake is that these people are similar to me so it is easy to get along with them.  We have stuff going on nearly every day and it is awesome but also busy.  I want to support the growing activity but it makes the days go fast.


– Melaleuca.  I took September off to get things right with school and house and Mom’s club and I need to take a better run at October.  August was very nice and the reward makes me want to go for it so I’m going to give it a go.


– Exercise. Since I dropped off the monday and Wednesday workouts I really have not replaced them but I’m still doing 3x a week.  I have to fight for them because it involves Lars watching kids but he does know that it is important and so far so good.  I’ve been pushing up my 5k time so I’m in the range I like – 27min or so.  I would like to do a race but probably not this season.  I don’t want to pay $30+ to run and have to deal with the kids somehow too.  Maybe next year when they are all a bit more able to be without me.


– School.  So Niamh’s teacher is MIA for 6-8 weeks. The sub seems nice and is getting control over the situation but she is only able to be there for so long so there is another transition in her future no matter what.  I’m not pleased with how the first teacher was doing things and from what I gleaned from the sub she was not a fan either.  I’m completely clueless on what to do now.  Leave it alone? Move schools?  I already asked the principal about moving to a different class and he said no.


– Projects.  Projects abound!  I have pony costumes to make and I’m accumulating supplies.  I think tomorrow night I am making an after bedtime run to get rainbow hair fabric.  I also have new pocketbook material, I have good improvements for version 3.0.  Finally, I sold my first teething necklace!  It is very nice to earn a little something for a craft I already like to do.


– Fiona.  She is getting bigger finally and last week she hit the 20lb mark.  She is only 17 months old but the 12m clothing is finally in her closet.  Unfortunately all the 12m stuff is summer, I might need to shop for the little girl.  She is now an expert at going down stairs and she is starting to really need more daily entertainment.  Every day she is getting more and more like a kid, she already understands us and follows simple directions and even 2 part instructions.  I can’t wait until she talks (or maybe I can) but she is rocketing past all the fine and gross coordination tricks.


– Zoe.  Is three and testing…  Sometimes she is an angel, sometimes she screams NO in my face.  She will routinely hate every food I give her I think simply for the joy of being convinced to try it and then declaring she LOVES it.  Most of her poor behavior is sleep or food related but it still a trial.  I know Niamh was similar at the age and in some days worse because she was less independent.  Most days with just her and Fiona we are a well oiled machine but then we loose a tire somewhere around dinner…

– Tv. To fully note what is going on right now I have to mention the TV buffet we partake in nightly.  We polished off Orange is the new Black and it was worth watching.  We are taking a chance on the new Brooklyn 99 as well as our returning favorites of basically everything on FX and USA.  The final brain candy I’ve been watching is called the Heros of Cosplay and Faceoff – both crazy creative SciFy shows I’m watching on demand.

I want to add a reading bullet but I’m mostly reading blogs and little things and occasionally a chapter or two of the newest Odd Thomas.  I finished a dreadful book ‘Scones and Sensibility’ it was predictable and annoying and I don’t recommend.  At this point I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow that I don’t have much quality reading time.

I think that it a good quarterly report – all things are generally good and erring toward the busy but in a good way.  Can’t say I’ve been lacking for something to do for weeks, sometimes I lack motivation but it is nice to see  how much I get done in a day.