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So many more pictures locked in the camera but this one captures the night

It may look blurry but that is the buzz of candy and energy. More tomorrow, today was a tiring one.

Tomorrow is Halloween!

Such a fun holiday!  This year we were a tad more low key than last year with the outings, but, we still went to quite a few.  Here is a selection of my pictures from my iPhone because my real camera declined to work (but is now healed so good pictures to come).  I consider Halloween a 2 week event;

If I was faster I would have gotten her with her feet in my shoes but she is still cute out of them

We went to a spooky concert at the highschool where they did 4 pieces and then they let the kids try out the instruments.


Another cute outfit and she was helping me make graham cracker crumbs for a halloween pie

Grumpy Twlight Sparkle – I can’t wait to get good pictures of these costumes

and finally a dashing young dad who really loves his daughters – enough to dress up like a pony (Shining Armor)


Tooth fairy

I’ve been pecking away at a summary of all the developmental happenings going on around here but yesterday we had a grand event that I was not expecting and I don’t want to wait to talk about.

Here in the morning gone at night

As you might have guessed from the title, we lost our first tooth!  Niamh had a very wiggly tooth on Sunday night and Monday morning and I figured that while it did wiggle I still had a few days.  I met her at the bus and she looked like she lost her best friend, all mopey and sad face.  I jump to all sorts of conclusions; she was in trouble at school, a kid was mean on the bus, she lost her hat and in the 5 seconds it took for her to walk over to me I had lived all the possible kindergarten trauma in my mind.  When I asked what happened she said she lost her tooth, no really, it is lost forever.  She thinks she swallowed it – I refuse to try and confirm that theory (although Lars did bring it up).  School tried hard to make her feel better but she was just sad.  Apparently there is a book she heard in preschool that said if you don’t have a tooth the tooth fairy does not have time to visit.  I comforted her and said that we would write a note and I’m sure for a first tooth there would be an exception.  There were still tears welling in her eyes when she told Lars, then told Zoe, then at bedtime.  I secretly wish that all her problems were so easily solved.


Now I thought I had a few days on this but I did not.  I did not have any time to consult the internet, my friends, my sister or pinterest!  I leave Niamh comforting herself with a cookie and the kindle and I haul Fiona out to the bank.  We had checks to deposit anyway, but, I at least wanted a fancy coin for the tooth fairy.  Lars disagreed with a .50 or dollar coin, he feels teeth are worth more.  I point out we have A LOT of teeth in our future so lets not set the bar too high.  Since I was the one at the bank I got final say anyway (thankyouverymuchforyourinputdear….)  I chatted with the teller, because that is what you do when you go INSIDE the bank (and why I usually go to the ATM) and I am so glad I did because she filled me in on all her tooth fairy wisdom and experience


1. She liked my .50 piece idea.  They are big and very rare to see in pocket change.  My parents did it for me and if that was their rational I agree completely.


2. She had heard from many others that the ‘going rate’ on teeth is $10 but she completely agrees that with multiple children you need to think long term.


3. Next idea from her for a ‘special’ thing that is more than .50 but won’t break the bank was a $2 bill.  Has the rare quality one expects from a fairy


4. Finally, she reminded me to sprinkle some glitter on the money so Niamh knew it was special.


Fortunately we were given a special tooth fairy container for Fiona’s christening.  It is like a makeup compact but silver with a long string off one side and a star at the end.  Perfect for tooth retrieval at night.  We waited until 10pm and bundled a fifty cent piece in a $2 bill and a pinch of glitter and it was done!  Niamh was incredibly excited and happy this morning.  Bouncing in to tell me and show me and dump glitter on my bed (rethink glitter…).  I think that everyone has been so supportive and congratulatory to her that now she tells me she has another loose tooth.  Good thing I got $5 in .50 pieces.


Ps.  because I’m a geek about such things, Niamh lost this tooth exactly 5 years and 1 month after she got it.  This tooth dramatically cut in an all night fuss session while we were camping on Sept 28.

Halloween activity

Niamh wanted a smile….

Typed lovingly with my thumbs

and I’m back

Did you notice I was gone?  Maybe not because I can toss something up here via phone but for the past 10 days I’ve had the cold/allergens that just zapped my energy and will to do more then feed the children.  To compound things Lars had a very hectic work week where he was working day and night with only brief breaks.  Tuesday I had a yearly physical for health insurance and other then being over tired I have great stats and they rewarded me for my good health by giving me a flu shot in one arm and a whooping cough/tetanus shot in the other.  Both arms killed and I was not feeling hot to start.  Within 24 hours I had a fever and had called in Lars to take over.  3 nights of 8+ hours of sleep (not uninterrupted, I’m not a princess you know!) plus doing little more then the minimum and I was cured by Thursday morning.  Thursday we had all day plans that were sidetracked from the original plan but still fun.  That brings me to today where I have to catch up on 10 days of stuff, and, finish halloween costumes plus continue to parent.


Anyway, just popping in to say hi and stuff now that I have energy again finally!  Off to parent and clean and sew and paint a dresser and clean the garage, and then probably pass out .  It isn’t a wonder how I work myself into a cold.

I love it when they fight

….over who gets to scrub

Typed lovingly with my thumbs