Busy and abused Mommy

Today I tried to catch up on some sleep debt and I believe I was literally hit in the face every few minutes so no extra sleep happened.  Fiona is becoming a demanding little dictator and because she is small and sweet looking she is getting away with way too much.  Fortunately Niamh is no longer as clumsy as she used to be so in the past 24 hours I have sustained no injury from her.  I know the majority are accidents and the rest are because she does not know better but here is my injury list;



Bite to the shoulder

bite to the thumb

bite to my nipple

smacked in the head with a small toy – repeatedly


kicked – she likes to run her feet as fast as possible in the air when nursing, it might make nursing a calorie neutral activity



bonked in my face with her jumping head

scratched with her scratch nails (total accident)


By the way, Lars and I went out at 3pm so this was not even a full day.


I have to find a way to get Fiona to stop but she is at the age that she is just out for the reaction and even a negative one works for her.  She actually laughs sometimes when she bites me.  I flinch when I see her mouth coming at me now.


Just to balance the equation, they are both loving and fun girls but just not all that careful.


Speaking of Fiona growth she has entered the crazy tot phase of becoming a kleptomaniac.  She hangs onto wet washcloths forever, when I go get her from a nap she gathers all her blankets and toys and won’t let go.  She is incredibly ‘vocal’ when there is something she wants to keep or wants in general but she can’t actually speak so mostly she speaks in shrieks.  That is a bit unfair, she says mama, dada, OOOH! (Zoe), shooo (shoe) da-do (thank you), babye, dadat (tick tack) and she has also made up a few words that are not any language I know but they have specific meanings.  I think she may be a bit behind in language but nothing to be worried about, Niamh didn’t talk much at this age either and everyone looks mute next to Zoe.  Zoe said the other day; “I’m a talk talk talker and I talk.”  Back to baby Fi, she is super ahead on physical.  She climbs like a monkey and she has to because she is so short and has to improvise or she would never be able to get up on the back of the sofa and pound on the window and scare the birds.  She learned how to go down stairs over the past two weeks and now she is pretty expert, she can even haul her blankets down the steps now.   Fiona is still a peanut, not 19 pounds yet, but it is not for lack of food.  I think the fact that she goes up and down stairs 40x a day, does nothing at less then a run, and the aforementioned running feet while eating.

I’ve focused a bit much on the abused section of the title but I am actually far more busy then beat up.  In the past week I bounced from thing to thing.  I think that with just the two kids I feel like we can do more (and we can) but I end up cramming in more then I did before.  I am doing a morning activity every day like normal but 3 of 5 days last week we did something in the afternoon AND we all have to go get Niamh at the bus and since we are out some days I go out post pick up.  I’m still doing what I can with all my jobs including Mom’s club and Melaleuca not to mention trying to read and write blogs but it is a fun busy most days.  Today we took a break and revisited the car buying project and I think we might have actually made a decision but that is a different story.  the coolest thing that has been keeping me busy is a Mom’s club friend who has a kid that just started kindergarten too has started coming over and hanging out with me.  It is fun to have a friend during the day!  Getting into this new routine is going pretty well so far.

Well this is bumping into the 1000 word limit I put on myself and it is getting late (I’ve been writing bits all evening) so I think I will save the rest for another day.


ps. I still love my baby even if she seems to be a biter at the moment


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