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Sometimes blogging just gets so self centered if all you do is write about your life.  When I was reading as much as I was writing I felt balanced but over the past few months I have fallen WAY behind on reading all my blog friends.  First it was the birthday busy season and then the trip to NY.  A huge reading impediment was the fact that google took away my feed reader and I floundered looking for a new one.  I’ve tried a few but finally I think I’ve decided on Pulse – it is really a cool news consolidation app I’ve used for a few years but now you can add whatever site you want so vola!  Feed reader!  I like to read while I feed Fiona so over the past few days I’ve caught up on months of posts as well as found a few new ones.


My fellow Kate who I found 2 Novembers ago during NaBloPomo, who was pregnant when I was, is one site that I just read 4 months worth over 2 days.  In those months I missed practically a lifetime.  Her little girl turned 1 and her husband got deployed so she was home with 3 kids 24-7 and managed to not go crazy.  My sister has done the same so I know it is possible, but, I also know that she would sometimes eat wine and icecream for dinner.  She is a great writer with a very interesting life and I won’t fall behind again.

Aside from catching up on some of my long term reads, I found a blog from a former boyfriends sister who is living the homesteading life.  She has chickens and goats and talks about small scale yet family feeding farming.  I doubt our suburban location can do a real farm but we are farmers market buyers and I’m always looking for tips and tricks about sustainable life.  Who knows when knowing how to grow something or what you can eat might come in handy.  My mom has been a long time advocate of teaching us what we can eat that is wild in a meadow or road side ditch.  If the world starts to devolve she wanted us prepared.


Speaking of my mom, her birthday was a few days ago.  In honor of a milestone year she is blogging something short and I’m sure she would like a few readers.  My sisters and dad did a huge surprise party a few weeks ago and I have to post some of the cool things we did – one more thing on the blog project list.  For her REAL birthday her goal was to do as many physical things as possible and I believe in her 3 day span of ‘birthday’ she ran, biked, walked, aikido, tichi, and swam.  My youngest sister is getting married in just under a year so mom has a dress goal that is prompting some of this extra activity so help cheer her on with her blog.


Other then catching up on some blogs this weekend has been pretty low key.  We didn’t really go anywhere or get much done but sometimes you need that sort of weekend too.  As soon as this is published I’m going to see about making room for cars in the garage because it is threatening to be frosty here soon.  Hopefully not for another month or two but fall is in the air today (but yesterday was 85 degrees) and I would rather go slow and steady cleaning a bit each time then have to rush in the end.  Last weekend we were forced to start because our freezer was ajar when we got home from vacation (one more addition to the very bad sunday) and I had to deal with melted and repulsive icecream, chicken and fish all over the floor of the garage.  On the positive side, the beef was fine, we got the opportunity to defrost and clean the freezer, the floor is now very clean and we didn’t loose too much because we were in the process of trying to ‘eat the freezer’.


Last but not least, here is a picture of a flower that a neighbor gave to Niamh and Zoe and the brought it home for me.   now I can wake up and see these beauties.





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