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Knit Wear modeling

Thanks mom! More pictures from today and this weekend to come, fall is just the best for photography but here is my fav from today.

Best Buy… digging the hole deeper

I want to say that in the end, I did get what I wanted from Best Buy and the actual experience was fine BUT it was a fight to get there AND there is now a policy at Best Buy that will prevent me from ever shopping there for a gift and probably from ever shopping there.


The situation;  An un-named 3 year old broke a kindle the day we were going to Pennsic (remember, the MONTH we were away over the summer).  I bought a kindle fire on and had it to pick up at the Best Buy near where we were picking up a friend to go to Pennsic.  At Best Buy I asked the geeksquad guy to point me at the right case.  He pointed me at the wrong case.  I thought it was wrong, he said it was right, I paid $40 and ran out the door.  It was wrong….  A month passes and we are away, we take a few weeks to get back on track and I thought “well, we are basically at 60 days, lets motivate and return this thing”.


The Problem; Apparently now Best Buy has a 15 day return policy.  So I’m <45 days over the limit and they deny Lars the return.


The Solution; I called customer service and spoke to a few people.  My tactics ranged from very polite to not so much and in the end I got a manager at the store who said he would take it back because it was their error.


The lasting issue for me is that 15 days is a blink of an eye.  I can’t buy a gift there ever because I like to shop on a day earlier then the day I plan on giving a gift and unless the person rushes right out the next day to return whatever they are stuck with what I give them.  I don’t like limiting a gift like that!  Best Buy is telling me to shop at Target or Amazon for my electronic gift needs.


This was far more scathing in my head before the return was actually done but there is damage done.  I know Best Buy is fighting for a foothold but policy like this is digging the hole deeper.  I’m glad the site management is authorized to at least try and fill in the hole but they get a baby spoon to work with.


I am glad to have $40 back and one less thing in my house and if you find this post because you are trying to return something past the minuscule 15 day window my advice is to talk to a manager and mention corporate complaints.

Halloween planning begins

I need to buy toile, lots and lots in every color.

In other news guess who can draw a pony pretty well now.

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big purchase pros and cons

don’t look so happy Zoe

Wow, someone actually asked me what car we choose.

The answer is VOLVO!   It was a tight race and in the end I think the Volvo earned our business because the car had a tighter turning radius (in our opinion) and since this car will be going downtown to park in tight parking lots that is a must.  The sales guy and sales team were also a factor.  Maybe Volvo needs the business and Lexus thinks you are lucky to be sold a Lexus but there was a huge difference between how they acted.  In the end we have free car washes at the dealer for life, oil changes for 3 years, roadside assistance, a full tank of gas, 3 balloons for the kids and an excellent trade-in.  Oh, we also have no payments until January, that is pretty nice.

Just also wanted to mention that the advertising in Burn Notice did actually get us in the door, but, they didn’t even have the car available for test drives.  They had the Genesis in the show room, way over in the back corner and we gave it a look.  Fiona (who might a tiny bit have a name inspired by Burn Notice) got to sit in the driver seat for a min.  She was all calm and still and in Fiona land that either means she is sleeping or pooping.  She was not asleep…  Boy was it fragrant, I think Lars filling her up on Feta cheese did something to the system but wow she loves that cheese.  Later Niamh asked why we didn’t get the Genisis and Lars said “it stunk” Niamh replied “Daddy, that was Fiona”.  I keep telling him slang is lost on them but it does make for funny miscommunications.


I am very happy that car shopping is over because now we have a new obsession, bed shopping.  Our current bed (if you recall) is broken and right now it is held together with a ratchet strap originally purchased to hold our Christmas tree to our car but that is a once a year trip so hopefully we buy a bed before mid December.  (I am not taking bets on this).  We toured many showrooms in the cities area and if you are wondering here are my thoughts;

1. Slumberland Maplewood MN – very nice and knowledgeable sales lady.  Decent selection but not quite our style.  We took her offered printouts and said we would be in touch.

2. Ashley Furnature Maplewood MN – I should know better!  The sales lady semi dismissed us and we forced her to stay by us because we had questions.  She showed us some hideous beds and then Lars leaned on one and the footboard bent.  Apparently none are made of wood.  We then left, fast, before we broke a bed.

Aside – as we entered each store Niamh polity asked if there was a kid section and in store 1 and 2 they looked at her like she had three heads and offered a dining room table set for her to sit and color at – good thing we brought our own coloring stuff.

3. Schnidermans in Roseville MN – after the first 2 it was a huge step up in quality.  The sales lady was right there and showed us what we wanted.  There was a very nice kid section with nice toys and the girls played there the entire time we shopped.  They had complimentary water and as a bonus Fiona was asleep so we shopped in comfort.  We even looked over the options book while sitting in massage chairs.  We even found a bed we love but we need to do our research on it.

4. HOM in Roseville MN – this was HUGE and very impressive upon walking in and utterly devoid of sales people.  We did find a great cookie station and that trumps water.

While we were sitting we did see someone in sales walk by and we flagged her down to ask where the beds were in this 2 level palace of furniture.  Upstairs we went and it was great bed after great bed that met our taste and requirements.  After 4 stores I had a firm concept of what we wanted.  We even found a duplicate of the one from Schnidermans at $400 less.  We hunted down a sales person and he sent over a doofy older man to help us and the guy knew nothing.  While we were waiting Lars leaned on the bed and it rocked.  Not a good sign…  The doof said maybe it was assembly and called up a kid with a screw gun to tighten things up but it didn’t really help.  We have to decided if the savings is worth the potential issues.  HOM really had the largest selection and some very good prices and the kids are begging for one of these

I think we will pass on it since they started out sweet on it but after 15 min of this and that they were running and leaping onto it and I can see that escalating badly at home.

5. For the record we also tried Macy’s in the Maplewood mall but it didn’t have furniture.  We did get shoes for the girls so at least we got that done.


Now it is time to research and decided.  Schnidermans has an 8w wait for shipping and HOM we could get in 3 days.  That is just one of many things I will obsess over for a bit.


Otherwise we went to an event on Saturday and that was very nice but we got no pictures and nothing fantastic or noteworthy happened.  The only thing I will say is I am so glad Facebook exists because I felt like little time had passed when I saw most people even though I have not been at an event other then Pennsic for a year.



This girl loves mud

(see full image)

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Good-bye friend

You have been a good car, I know your next owners will be happy.

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