Guest star

Today we stopped by the bar Josie’s fiancee is the bartender and Niamh had her first ‘drink’.  It was a tall frosty chocolate milk and she gave it 110% of her attention.  Don’t worry, it is a restaurant too so she was breaking no laws.  The guest star is Even – the red head, he likes to photo bomb pictures in the bar but this time we were trying to get him.


we went to the yacht club for dinner and it took longer then expected and I had to rush bedtime because I had an 8:30 Melaleuca appointment.  I knew that if I rushed it I would just end up regretting it but I also hate being late.  Niamh and Zoe both had endless issues with actually going to sleep my only hope is they sleep longer tomorrow.

Tomorrow we are going on what my mom dubbed the  ‘duchess tour’.  I am visiting two friends, who are both SCA duchesses, that I have not seen much of in the past few years.  They only live 2ish hours away so we are going for it.  I might regret a road trip in the middle of our time here but I’m hopeful that it will go well.

They are finally asleep I think and just in time for me to go to bed too.


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