filling in some gaps

Wow, I missed 3 days in a row!  Sunday hardly counts but I think Monday and Tuesday were lost to excessive activity and a mild cold that stole all other ambition I had.


I am still packing slowly slowly.  I only have a limited amount of space and 2 entirely different major things to pack for where the only intersecting items are basically underwear….  It also shows that we have not done much SCA in a while since I am missing a few of my favorite things but nothing I can’t live without.


Yesterday was a milestone end day for Niamh.  She is going to her very last day of daycare.  Since we are leaving Friday for a month we will be back a week before she starts real school so no point in her going back that last week.  She has been in Room For Growing since she was 12 weeks old, almost exactly a full 5 years ago.  She is excited and happy to have a special day but she is also sad.  The other morning she crawled into bed with me at 6:30 all teary eyed about how she will miss her friends and why do they all have to go to different schools.  Honestly I don’t know… I wish more would be going to the one we choose but everyone had the same options as me and they made their choices.  We went to visit her new school again yesterday, we dropped off paperwork and gave the office cupcakes. ( I don’t think it hurts to be extra nice to the front desk).  We played on the playground for a while and then went to Target to pick out treats for her last day.  I think September will have hard moments but she will be just fine.  I don’t know if I wrote it already but a few weeks ago I asked her if she wanted me to have lunch at her school with her.  She said “Yes! but not the first day, I have to figure it out on my own first.”.  We must be doing something right.


Wednesday was also an anniversary for me and my workout.  It was one year ago that I started the awesome boot camp and I am very glad I found it.  The woman who told me where and when no longer works out there but that is the way things go I guess.  I’ve met a ton of nice people as well as gained the ability to do a pushup.  I’ll miss it when I’m gone and hopefully Fiona remembers Dan when we get back…


Tomorrow is packing and leaving day and then driving all day Saturday to hopefully arrive at Pennsic 10pm.  After that I don’t know what I’ll be posting so just in case, consider this good-bye for a week 🙂


PS to any stalkers, we have a house sitter


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