Treasure hunt

I’m bragging here but today the weather was so AWESOME!  75-80 degrees and 10% humidity – sunny and a decent breeze so we had to get out and do something.  We decided to finally try geocaching at a state park near by that has loner GPS units.

The kids were very into treasure hunting and were troopers about walking.  We do walk about half a mile daily so they didn’t really bat an eye and I used the awesome baby backpack for Fiona so we could hike with ease.  The state park trail of 4 waypoints was very easy since nothing was off trail but the trails were still not stroller friendly.

It almost felt like cheating since I was hiking and not sweating.  I remember my most adventurous hiking trip with a boyfriend and I think I sweat 90 pounds off and we could not find the official camp site but I could not move another step so we put up the tent.  Today I hardly sweat a bit even with a baby strapped to my back.

at the final location

There were stressful moments when the girls were fighting over who got to hold the GPS but overall they were pretty interested in the process.  It is pretty educational if you think about it.  There are numbers to read constantly and then distance to talk about.  They loved figuring out what way to go at an intersection and following the arrow on the right path. There were grassy paths and paths in the woods and true to the rangers word there was no need to go off trail.

I like that the park made the trail go to some pretty gorgeous spots and they also included rest areas so now I can say I’ve nursed on a hiking trail.

We are definitely going again.  I love having a walk in the woods with a purpose

3 little hikers and a sing-a-magig

This particular hike was at William O’Brien and took under 2 hours and that included a bathroom break and a wrong turn, two snack stops and walking at the speed of Zoe.

ps.  Thanks to my Uncle Phil for teaching me how to take timer pictures using a backpack and a tree.

pps. for the record the girls and I only walked half way back, Lars went adult speed  and met us with the car on the way back


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