photography pinned it did it

What did I do before pinterest?

Most people say that the 2nd and 3rd kids never get any pictures and I have avoided that trap like this;

For #1. new baby, took tons of pictures with a meh camera  and found Flick with lots of groups with cool pictures that inspired me to take more cool shots

For #2. Got a cool camera, and, a camera phone so #2 was very photographed as I slowly learned more style and technique

For #3. Learned how to use my camera and found PINTEREST where all the great ideas are and my camera phone got better and I wanted to take pictures using all the things I learned and that I was inspired by.

I do love learning and art and those two things have made it easy to want to keep trying new things and since my kids are here, and awesome, so I get to take lots of pictures of all of them.

Thus my newest cool trick with cake and photography.  We have all seen the cake picture and lots of pictures of random food that we all take for some reason.  My sister actually pinned this cake pic idea for her wedding – this is the original (everything this photographer did is inspirational).  I think it was a great concept and since I don’t have a wedding handy and I did just have a slew of birthday’s I did it for Fiona’s real first birthday.

I love the concept of the important cake WITH the reason the cake is important in the cool fuzzy background.  I kinda wish the candle was lit

Cake tip I learned after 3 birthdays and 6 parties in a row – turn the pretty side of the cake to the camera.


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