Monday, more Monday

Hey everyone, my Monday started like 13 hours ago how about yours?


Fiona is in a new (or reprisal of the dreaded phase) waking up many times a night phase so last night I got up with her 3 times; 1:30am, 4:30am, and 6:30am and then again at 7:30 when her sisters got up she was up too.  I figured I could not be more tired so I went and worked out anyway and now I’m caffinating because I have things to do.  On the bright side she is tired too so she went to sleep early and I’m hopeful to still have her asleep until 2.


I’m sure last night was a reaction to the busy weekend – she is a mellow girl during the day if things are out of whack but I hear about it in the wee hours.  This weekend we did a marathon shopping day on Saturday where the girls and I went to Fleet Farm.  I have to say that store is a mad house and completely unorganized and the workers we encountered had no idea where anything was.  I got one of the things I came for but it was a trial and a half and when the poor checkout dude said the obligatory “did you find everything OK” I said “NO!”  I did hold back because it was not his fault but you can’t pay me to go there again.  I wanted to go to Kholes after for a few fun t-shirts for Lars’s birthday on Saturday but Fleet Farm sapped my will to live so we stopped at WalMart for 3 things and then home.  When Lars got home we were kicking around ideas of things to do and ended up with Ikea because I have a few projects in mind to improve the organization and safety of our living room so I’m sure that will be published sometimes in the next 6 months.


Sunday was the first nice sunny day we have had in ages and when the 30% chance of storm hour came and went I got outside and finally got to paint our woodwork. The paint has literally been sitting next to the door waiting for day and time.  Lars helped by taking the kids out for an hour and a half and I got all the porch painted but they saw me doing the garage trim and there was no helping it, I had to let them paint.  Fortunately I had a plan, we just got a hand-me-down swing set from our neighbor and I had tons of paint and I had gotten 3 extra brushes out just in case and they went to town painting the swing set.

Fiona was the wild card in this.  For a while she hung out in the backpack on my back while I did the garage wood work.  nothing like adding a top heavy 19lb to painting to make it more fun.  I’m annoyed I didn’t get a picture but this is the third kid I’ve painted with in a backpack and the third time I have no pictures.  For the swing set extravaganza she tootled around the yard and ate a little dirt but not to much.  We put her baby lawn chair by us and she did sit and watch us for at least 15 min, she has management in her future (likes sitting and watching and ok with the taste of dirt).


We did finish all the painting and this morning I only saw a few spots that need a touch up but since we have not painted since we moved in December 2004 it is ok to have a few flaws since it is so much better now.


After painting we had friends over for a highly successful dinner on the grill that included peaches.  Try it, sliced peaches brushed with a olive oil, sugar, cumin (1:1:.5) glaze.


Today I’m trying to get a jump on the house and the Melaleuca stuff and blog and drink coffee and do laundry and drink coffee


ps. I wrote that Fi went to sleep early and might sleep til two and that was an err in judgement to ever put in type.  She woke up very shortly after and is now back to sleep after emptying and refilling her body with fluids/solids.



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