A day in the life of Zoe

My middle child.  I was looking at my pictures today and realized just how many are of Zoe doing things because she is just a very dynamic little person.  Here is a narrative of a day in the life of Zoe


Zoe wakes up at 7am.  Maybe 7:15 and journeys up two flights of stairs and plunks herself in my bed, often kicking Lars out.  For the sake of reality I did not edit myself out of this picture but please remember this story is not about my hair. Fiona is usually eating at this time and the reason it is blury is because Lars can’t take pictures.

Then we get up and argue eat breakfast and then we go out somewhere.  Yesterday we went to see the Okee Dokee Brothers perform at the library and they were great but it was very crowded.

There were seriously like 200 people there and the guys were so fun and their performance was good enough that I’m going to buy their stuff.  Zoe got a bit claustrophobic so she bailed on the concert room and played with a friend outside.  We could still hear the music just fine and I can’t believe more people didn’t watch from outside.  I think the guys wished they could perform outside.

opps, can’t rotate after I upload so just tip your head to the side.

Then we go home and argue eat lunch.  Yesterday they played outside while I assembled lunch and stewed over a particularly annoying and maddening thing a relative did.

After lunch we “rest” and around 2:30 we need to get out and about again and yesterday we went to investigate the huge hole dug in our road.  This hole is very annoying because it has been there for 3 days and it is the way out of our neighborhood.  There is another way but that way has a million construction trucks because they are rebuilding a house there.  We are somewhat trapped but we get by.  Anyway, Zoe was very skeptical of the hole but she liked the big constructions stuff.

There was also a bobcat you can’t see in this picture.  Fiona, the disembodied head was also interested in everything.

Speaking of Fiona, this is her favorite box and she loves to sit it in and spin around

Back to Zoe!  She loves to water the garden and if you look closely you can see she is dripping wet.  I try to say yes as often as I can so when we got back from our walk and she asked to water I just put it on mist and let her go for it.

no iPhones were hurt in this picture, I was up wind.

Then we had a cookie break where we do our flash cards, yesterday we did letters and Zoe knows around half and if she does not know the letter she will say S.  Why S? I don’t know.

Notice before when I put nap in quotes – it is actually more a span of time where she does not talk to me (much).  Often in the later afternoon Zoe will crash somewhere and yesterday was a spectacular example

She is in a robe because her dress was soaking wet and she fell asleep mid sentence.  I just looked over when she ceased talking and saw her sleeping.  It would be a great ending to this post to say she slept all night and woke up happy at 7am but in reality she slept until 5 and we woke her up to fight about eat dinner and then go to the farmers market in town that had no veggies but lots of plants. We ended up playing on the playground and listening to another band and eating some dessert cookies.

After that full day Zoe was still awake at 9:30 but she went down relatively easy.  The stupid request of the nighttime stall tactic was to straighten the rainbow rug for her to step on in the morning. Trust me, we get a few winners every night and I try to remember to be calm and that this bedtime noise is all a phase (that has lasted 3 years so far).

That is a day with Zoe, and the rest of us too really since you can’t really leave her unsupervised or she will squirt herself with a hose.


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