How to make a peep topiary

It has been a while since I’ve posted a how-to (or how I-do) but given my stats people really like my how-to for the lolly-pop topiary so I’m documenting this one since all the ones I pinned on pinterest were just pictures no how-to.

(ok, note this is just for the past 7 days, A LOT of people come here for dumdum lolly pop topiary instructions)

Compared to dumdum lolly pop topiary, a peep topiary is totally easier!  This one took me about 15 min and that included trying out a few methods.  I choose 2 colors of peep to make stripes but all one color or many colors works well.  I used 2 boxes of 15peeps.  The only hard thing is peeps are not all the available other then around Easter  and, you have to keep your family from eating your supply.

You need


pic from because I forgot to take a picture of mine in a package.

a styrofoam ball


a container in proportion  to your topiary

a sharpened pencil

a bunch of change

a dishtowel

something pretty to cluster around the base like tissue paper

1.  Peeps come in strips already.  DO NOT pull apart your peeps!

put a strip of peeps on the center and spear every other with a tooth pick through the chest or tail then break off the extra.  I tried it with half pieces first but this worked a lot better.

it does not hurt the peep to be impaled by a tooth pick. It is made of marshmallow. However, warn people who eat them there are tooth picks.

2. Continue around the circle pinning peep rows nesting them as close as you can and ofsetting each row.  For the biggest row I used two strips of peeps plus one peep.  Second row was 1.5 strips of peeps.

3. Move up and down the ball and for the top you crown with one peep, for the bottom leave it open

4. Store the ball in a big ziplock until you need it ** this is why I don’t add the stick yet** I stored mine for about a week and it was nice and fresh for the party

Moving on to making the base

1. Take your container and hold the pencil, point up,  in the middle then pour in change. The change makes the bottom heavy enough so it won’t tip easily.  Anything small and heavy would work.

2. cover the top of the change with something like a dishtowel to further stabilize the pencil

3. Decoratively arrange something pretty on top of that like tissue paper or ribbon etc

Mate ball with stick – no bad image intended sorry…. do this day of party for max freshness and least amount of risk of being eaten before the party.

Carefully press the ball onto the point of the pencil far enough that it is stable.  Don’t go too far or the ball will split.

Then take pictures before it is devoured by 5 year olds

If you make these for a grown up party and nobody eats them you could easily take them off the stick and put them back in a bag for storage, or, just eat them (but mind the sticks)


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