Dear Fiona

Dear Fiona

My baby is one!  The past year has flown by and I have had you by my side for 99.9% of it.

You are a mellow and social baby and will smile and reach for strangers (if you are in the mood) and there are people you will go straight for.  I started working out at a boot camp when you were 6 weeks old and Dan held you the whole time and you still love him to hold you.  I often wonder when the other shoe will drop but so far you have been healthy, happy and contented.  When you are mad you are usually distractible.   When you are sad you can be giggled out of it.  I hope you stay this easy to please forever.

Right now you are a great walker and a good climber.  You are fearless on the stairs and when you are trying to climb the furniture to get to something   You don’t  have a reverse gear though – once you are up you are stuck.  I see you trying to figure out how to get down but with me and two sisters catering to your every need you don’t really get stuck anywhere long.  You refuse to hold anyone’s hand, I see ‘monkey hugs’ in your future, because you will go a very very long way away before you look back to make sure I’m there.

You have recently become interested in books and love to look at the little books we have.  You will plop into my lap with a book for you and a book for me and we both turn pages.  Attention isn’t your strong suit yet, a book better have 10 words or less or your done with it.  Toys are mostly for you to look at, pick up, chew a  little, then carry around for a bit.  Recently you started the phase where you like to put things in things so stacking cups are great but you try and put all sorts of things into other things.  Just like Zoe, you carry something around until something new gets your attention and you leave the item in the exact spot the you pick up the next one.  It makes for a funny backwards treasure hunt to clean up after you.

Since you are my first and only stay at home child that has gone from infant to tot I’ve learned from you all about what a baby likes to do all day.  With daycare it was a mystery what they did with the 8 hours but now I know.  You are busy busy busy moving from thing to thing and right now you don’t really want to interact with me all that much until you do and then I need to be 100% focused on you.  Sometimes I get lots of things done, sometimes I don’t because you are my priority on days we are alone together.  We read, play peek-a-boo, change many diapers, take rides in the laundry basket, sit on the potty a bit, sing silly songs, dance to the music and the ever popular game “spit out what is in your mouth” that we shorten to “spit!”.  There is nothing you won’t put in your mouth!  You have tried bugs, paper, catfood, change just to name a few.  Fortunately you don’t swallow anything, you like to come show me and then spit it in my hand.  Charming game, never gets old….

Speaking of eating, you eat everything I put in front of you.  Avocado and strawberries are a favorite breakfast.  You love string cheese and are ok with yellow american but you don’t really love mexican cheese.  Chibani yogurt is a staple as are the pouch babyfoods and apple sauce.  Meat is hit or miss depending on how hungry you are or your mood or the phase of the moon but most days you eat some at least.  There isn’t a fresh fruit yet you have rejected but you are not overly fond of bananas.  You always want a bit of what I’m eating and that’s fine, I share, since your sisters do it too I end up with a built in diet plan.  In the past few weeks you have started offering me bites of your food and it is very sweet to see you share.

There are very few babies in your life, most of the kids we see are older than you but when you do see a baby you are mesmerized and you want to touch them all the time.  I have to guard our friends infants from you and your urge to bring them toys.  I have not tested to see if you would get jealous if I hold a baby  but, you do get a bit jealous of your sisters on my lap so I’m not going to push the subject for a while.  I don’t think lack of peer interaction is holding you back at all.  You spend most of your days with your sisters and if anything they make you want to do more faster.  I swear you walk because you didn’t see anyone else crawling so as soon as you could balance you could walk.  Days they are not around you b-line for their favorite toys and I’ve rescued more then one squinkie from your mouth.

So far you are not all that verbal.  You kinda say dadadada and mamamamama but I’m not sure it is intentional.  Occasionally I think I hear something in your baby talk but I don’t think you really talk yet.  That isn’t to say you are not loud.  You make lots of conversation noise and love to interrupt when I’m talking so I am sure soon you will be a chatter box like your sisters.  You do make your wishes known by screams, clapping, and reaching.  I know you love the bath because you run for the water anytime you hear it and would take 5 baths a day if we let you.  I have to keep you in a diaper after your bath if Zoe is in a bath still because you can’t keep your arms out of the tub and after the first few soaked PJ’s I just went with the skin solution.

The only thing you are off track on is weight.  You are STILL 18lb and have been for 6 months.  Great for me since I carry you around but I think the doctors are getting concerned soon.  Ironically you grew in the past 2 weeks so you made the 45% for height but you did grow over night.  One day you could walk under the table, the next you could not.

It is hard to say what you like yet but you do seem to have a wicked sense of humor.  You laugh when your sisters growl, you pull hair and laugh, and your idea of a joke is eating your sisters toys.  I can tell that your big blue eyes will probably get you into and out of tons of trouble. There are days you are just happy all day and others that you want to cuddle all day and I can’t wait until you can tell me what is going on in your head.  Most of the time if you cry there is something wrong and if I fix it you are fine.  I think it is funny that you get mad that you are not sleeping and shout about it and then conk out.  You get a 15min timer for winding down to a nap or bed and fairly often you are asleep well before.

You sleep all night most nights now, occasionally a 2am feeding but often you want some early breakfast around 6:30 but like to go back to bed after.  I’m all for this 12 hours of sleep plus a nap of an hour or so daily.  You are not the most heavy sleeper but fortunately you go back to sleep pretty well.

Ending these is hard because I always think of 10 more things to add after I ‘finish’ but to sum it up you are the type of baby that makes people want to have babies and I could not ask for anything more.




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