Super busy

I’m toungue tied with all the things that went on this past 5 days.  I’m overflowing and when that happens I apperntly can’t pop out anything so I will do some bullet points and follow up later.

1. Fiona turned one this past Friday and she is getting to be such a big girl while remaining a tiny peanut of a person.  Tomorrow she gets weighed and measured and I know I’m in for a stern look since she is around 18lb and that is probably the 1st precentile but I promise she eats like a horse.

2. My nens (gender neutral term for sisters kids) visited unexpectedly last thursday.  While it isn’t like they just dropped by without calling it was an  unexpected visit because their dad, up until 2 weeks ago refused to speak to anyone in my family.  So from Thursday to Sunday morning we had 7 kids in the house and one extra adult and we wanted to do everything in the short time we had.

3. The brother in law….  that is a long story, or maybe a short story because he seems to have had an epiphany and is taking a fresh go at life.  He is apologizing for his past actions and while he is still a hot-mess at times (he has a bunch of reasons) it was actually a great visit and it was fun to get to know him.


4. We had a nice big grand fun party for Fiona on Sunday.  I didn’t want to not include the nens but their dad had to work Monday and the party was already planned so they left at 7am and I went into super cleaning mode because cleaning the house when it is full of 7 kids is like brushing your teeth while eating a cookie.  The party was more for me then Fiona and it was a brunch that went very well.  I even got to make a cool egg dish I found on pinterest

5. Just in case we were bored, Sunday afternoon we viewed 2 townhouses and  put verbal offeres out to both.  Have not heard from either yet but hopefully we can get this taken care of so we can rent it out asap.


6. It is a new month for Melaleuca and this month is $1 membership so I’m shouting out to a bunch of people to see if they want more info.  My teamleader believes in me and I am always renewed by her.


7. I hate to talk medical stuff but for the record I went in today for a follow up on something that isn’t resolving itself.  They took a tiny chunk of me to send to a lab and I’m hopeful it is nothing but just the chunk taking was not fun.  


All in all it has been a very hectic month and a half with 6 birthday parties I was in charge of and a few more that we attended.  On the bright side my house is pretty clean but there are a few things I’ve let slide I need to take care of.  Someday soon I need to plant the garden with the poor seedlings I started a month ago.  I also have painting to do all over the house but just need a dry day to do it (and time).  Whew – so that is the gist of it all, now I can focus on what to write tomorrow and not worry about all the competition in my head.


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