Making it offical

I’ve been putting this off hoping that I would not have to say it, but, Dexter (the cat) has moved on.  I don’t know if he is alive or dead but he just didn’t come home…  This is a mean trick since we just got him all better but I like to think that if he did die he was happy and healthy up to the last second – romping outside doing some cat thing.


Since he has been gone it is almost like we don’t have a cat since Mr Pink is a very mellow dude.  He does not run, he rarely plays, he does not even over eat or meow much to ask for food.  He is gone most of the day time and around 8 (or after kids are in bed) he saunters out and sits with us to watch tv.  He is nice to the kids but he does not really seek them out.


Dexter will be missed.  He was playful and great with all the kids.  He was bright as a box of rocks but lovable.


Maybe now that I admit he is gone he will magically reappear at the door but I think not at this stage since it has been over 2 weeks.


Good-bye Dexter-cat, we miss you and hope you just decided to live with someone else.


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