Book Sookie v HBO Sookie

Spoilers all over the place but most are from seasons/ books that have been out for a long time.  I don’t tell who Sookie ends up with and the only hint is  in the pronoun ‘he’ but you already knew that much


The Sookie Stackhouse character and story was sold to HBO and I think they did a great job in season 1 sticking more or less to the plot of the book.

Then they diverged…. To make a long post short I decided long ago that the HBO show is just set in the same world with the same characters and what happens to them is completely not related to the books.

I started reading the books somewhere around when book 4 or 5 was published (11 was just published) so I got a great big bite of Sookie and her world and I had great long talks with friends about what was going on and who she should end up with and all the twists and turns.  Sookie is a great character, or more to say, she is a great person (in my opinion) because she is strong, sweet, loyal, feisty, fairly unflappable, and seems genuine overall.  She actually isn’t all that awesome a character because so often things just happen to her and I like a character that is more dominant and go-getting but the stories all move at a good pace so no real issue there.  Anyway, I think HBO actually did a great job casting and I have no issue with how HBO Sookie act in any given situation because I think that if book Sookie was in that situation she would do the same thing.  For this HBO gets 5 stars.


I knew things would HAVE to be different in the HBO series simply because they are all post Katrina and Katrina is a big factor in the timeline of the books because it causes a lot of actions.  HBO could not pretend New Orleans didn’t get a major shake up until season 3 (or so) so they had to translate everything into a post Katrina world to start and they lost that plot point.


I loved what HBO did in season one and I adored Lafayette.  I was  upset knowing that he was the main victim for season two and when HBO choose to kill off a different person the world of Lafayett opened up but it shut doors on other things.  The books use the position of chef as a place for lots of new characters to come in and out of the story but with Lafayett the position was filled….  HBO had to work around that and then I think they just gave up even following the story at all but they did keep all the personalities of the characters with only slight changes (most I like).


I think we are in HBO season 5 now but as I mentioned the other day I watched most of the HBO seasons in the 3 years between book 10 and 11.  My brain has apparently put HBO Sookie story as the ‘right’ one because  all through the book I had to remind myself that no, Bill isn’t king, Alceede is not a biker guy, Tara* is white and married and has twins and runs a clothing store, etc etc etc*.  I enjoyed the book but not as much as the first few and I’m not sure if it is because she was just wrapping things up or I got too used to the dynamics HBO has put in my head.  The book just felt short and slightly underwhelming.  I’m glad to know how things finished and I think she did right by Book Sookie and gave her a good happy ending but it was not enough book for what I paid.


There was an article that said that the author is as surprised as anyone about the plots of the series.  I almost wish that she just sold the idea/world to them and that they picked new names but then I’m sure it would not have been as popular to start.  Now it is like simultaneous alternative universes – Book Sookie has one path HBO Sookie a  different one but with the same character in both making consistant choices.  I wonder how HBO will wrap things up (someday) because they really are so far off the book plot that there is almost zero chance they can wrap it back to match.  I guess Sookie fans disappointed with who she ends up with in the book have a good chance at being happy with the HBO solution whatever it might be

* Tara * this could be a whole different discussion.  HBO re-created Tara and I like what they did, but, I wish they named her something else because HBO Tara is the only one that has almost no relation to book Tara in my opinion.  Every other character that exists in both places feels right except for her but that is another discussion and since this isn’t a trueblood fan site I’ll save that for my friends who also read and watched both.

it is now very late and I should go to bed – have a great Friday and long weekend if You don’t pop in here until your back at work tuesday.


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