Yeah Today!

There was a thing that was very big and hairy that worked out well today. I was fairly confidant that it would be ok but there was the underlying fear that it would go the other way and that would have been a big change. So that was good


Next I got a sign up for Melaleuca! woo hoo! It really is a good company and the products are so easy to fall in love with but I’m just not great at getting people to take a look at it. Today I had a win – to celebrate I got a nice big latte.


Last but not least a dear friend of mine had a baby girl and I love the name they picked. This is her news overall so no more from me but it just made a good day even better.


Aside from those big good things, yesterday my sister’s house and family was not flattened by the tornado in Oklahoma (nor the one on Sunday) and today I had a very good workout and Fiona is taking a nice nap so I can blog and read my book (and maybe clean). I also got one step closer to my pet art project – getting empty windows on main street filled with art – the chamber of commerce is now behind the idea, there are no rules against it and now we are getting business to agree and if they agree it is game time with artists. This would be a very cool thing to get done.


Speaking of books…. I just finished the last Sookie Stackhouse book after not reading any since the last one published when Zoe was born (3 years ago) and having watched the majority of the HBO True Blood between then and now. Boy those are only loosely related concepts. I’m thinking about the comparisons so there may be a post in the future on that – future post also on my art and window project.


What good things happened for you all today?

Edited to add: my BiL appears to have had a positive change. That counts as very good too







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2 responses to “Yeah Today!”

  1. Karen Moldenhauer says :

    I weighed in at weight watchers -3.8lbs šŸ™‚


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