Totally different writing

Today I’m cleaning my house to what I like to call ‘birthday party clean’.  This party is for people I don’t know at all so I need to make some sort of a good first impression, although, I don’t want to set unreasonable future expectations….  humm….  On the bright side I have not slid into complete bedlam since the last party, we had our babysitter who also cleans come on Thursday (we went to see StarTreck, it was good and it is always nice to get out) and she attacked the kitchen.  I have a cleaning friend coming to help today too so I think I’ll be in decent shape.

Since cleaning for yet another birthday is not all that exciting feel free to go see what I’ve been ghost writing over at boca.  I’m fairly pleased with the posts and I am getting some good early training for when I’m over 65.  I joke that I start nearly all my articles with ‘Dear Grandy’ or ‘Dear Mom’ because I feel like I’m writing for them.

Back to the mopping and the cleaning.  Hope you all have great weekends and I’ll be putting  up friend party pictures tomorrow hopefully.


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