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Typed lovingly with my thumbs

Aristotle quote on friendship

I’m reading a book about the meaning of nice (More complicated than you would think) and in the forward there’s a quote from Aristotle I think is really good. ToAristotle the ideal friend doesn’t nurse grudges or speak ill of others and is good tempered, tactful, and morally good. The purpose of friendship, he said, is to give not get. A real friend wants his friends to flourish.

I hope that I am at least as good to my friends. But maybe not “nice” because apparently nice has some pretty negative meanings.

Typed lovingly with my thumbs

Dexter update (the cat not the TV killer)

Warning!  there is a kinda gross picture of an infected incision – reader beware –


The last three weeks Monday’s mean vet visit for me.  I’ve perfected the one arm carry of cat and one arm for baby seat navigation of the airlock set of doors into the vet.  I always wish they had sensor doors but I’m sure that would mean too many dogs would make a run for it.  Anyway visit 1 was to figure out why fatty-never-miss-a-meal was not eating and the result was that he foolishly ate yarn that contained some metal fibers.  Surgery on Tuesday and then home Tuesday night.  The next week he was tender but seemed better but then the incision looked like this;

I sent a picture to my family vet (my dad) who said ‘yuck, infected’.  We had a recheck scheduled anyway so in we went and told the vet all the good news about the eating and the pooping and the moving around but then the bad news about the yuck.  She agreed it was infected and prescribed a liquid and a pill for 2x a day for the next 10 days.  Day one of meds did not go so well, there was scratching, pill spitting, and then the finale of foaming at the mouth (liquids).  I called dad and said HELP!  How do we make this work?!?  His advice was to try and get the liquid way past the tongue and then give him a chaser of water to cut down on the frothing at the mouth.  Given he has 33 years of vet experience he just looks at a cat and mind controls them to stay still so I was on my own for a method of protecting us from claws.  We tried the towel, that was a failure since he got a foot out and got us.


Then I ‘invented’ the cat-sack.

I had an old pair of men’s jeans that were on the salvage pile (jeans quilt someday maybe) so I chopped off a leg, sewed the cuff shut and then we had a nice bag to shove the cat into that was basically claw proof.  He does not really even mind being in the bag, maybe he is a dumb cat, maybe he thinks it is love – whatever – he is seems happy in the sack until pills and yucky tasting medicine is shoved into his face.  I cinch the top closed to hold him in and point his nose to the ceiling and that helps the medicine go down.

Today he was checked out again and is healthy and infection free.  The can bag can go into retirement for a while~

Finally at the park

After 45899531 days of snow and cold we finally get to the park



She loved the swing, the slide not so much. I’m sure she will love them in time.

Punch Pinata how to – conclusion

Here is the thrilling conclusion to how to make a punch Pinata!

Part I is here

A Progress shot here

You can see the finished product in action here

and now, here is my way of getting the candy behind each tissue paper opening.

This took a bunch of thought and I tried a few options on a test punchie before I committed. I decided sandwich size bags were too small – the depth was fine but the circumference was too small to fit the openings. Paper bags were on the fragile side. I didn’t want to waste a dozen of my gallon freezer bags so I ended up with grocery bags (from walmart, we shop there a lot). Hey, one more way to up cycle your plastic grocery bags!

I went with them for a few reasons

1. free

2. already in the house

3. packing tape LOVES to stick to it

4. pretty strong

5. flexible for working with the curves and minor stretching where necessary.

I put the punchie face down on my bed. **tangent** you might notice that the punchie moves around my house, I kept trying to find the right place to work on it. I needed a spot big, flat, and out of harms way. My bed was perfect (after the cutting parts) because it met all those criteria plus it is a good hight to work at – way better than the floor.

1 – I put a few pieces (6) of candy on the tissue paper – do not forget this step or you will have sad kids.

2 – I folded the handles into the bag and straightened it out

3 – (not shown because it takes two hands) I roughly measured the size of the opening with the bag and then tied a knot to make the bag the same size. This is where the bag having a bit of stretch comes in handy if you end up with slightly too small an opening

4 – position the bag over the opening with the knot down. Tape the top and knot with scotch tape

5 – starting with the knot go around the shape with tape catching bag and box. Continue all the way around. I used 3 pieces of tape rather than one long one, it made the corners easier.

6 – double-check the candy didn’t get stuck in the tape by rattling it around.

7. start at #1 again for each opening. Since they are close together I did one at a time so they didn’t overlap too much.

I made 12 openings since that was the highest number of kids but I only got 10 RSVP’s so I decided to have some fun with the last two spots. I took the two smallest and used a sandwich bag with the bottom cut open so the ziplock was facing out (see bottom left of the pic above). On the day of the party I put cold spaghetti into those two bags. The kids that got them took it well more or less (they got another try to get real candy).

some kids get candy, some get spaghetti, seems fair to a 5 year old

, and he decided to eat it… 

Fiona also thought it was great. (I’m glad I made it fresh that day) The bags were really on the small side so they were actually more on the tissue then around the hole but it worked ok for the few hours it needed to hold the weight.

If you make one of these link it in the comments.

Thankyou for the spring Niamh

Niamh is of the opinion that she has caused spring to happen.  No, she does not think she has powers over the seasons but she does strongly believe in fairies.  Here is how that statement makes any sense…. On Tuesday morning (yet another stupid snowy morning) she went out before me to get in the car.  Since we thought it would be nice out the car was in the driveway not the garage because bikes and toys have all magically poofed into the parking area.  I often let them go get in the car while I do the final gather of stuff  so this time I heard some yelling, again, not out of the ordinary but something I’m trying to stomp on but then I looked and Zoe (the usual yelling target  was right next to me inside putting her boots on.  So why was Niamh yelling? Dog? Door still shut? What?  I go outside and I’m ready for anything but I was not exactly ready to hear her yelling at the snow.  Technically she was yelling at the winter fairy.  I know it was only 3 days ago but I don’t exactly recall the exact words but she was saying like “Winter fairy, your turn is over! you have had too long a turn! Stop this nonsense  It is spring Fairy’s turn!”  I did not laugh because maybe a tiny bit of me believes in fairy people too but we did have a ton of things to do so into the car we went.


We did the story time, then a stop at the vet for special food (that they didn’t have), then home for lunch and nap and then out AGAIN for walmart and the vet again and the post office and the bank and finally home.  Niamh got out of the car around 4pm and declared that her talk with the fairy had worked because the snow was gone.  She was right about the snow, it was mostly gone, and so far it seems that spring is here and summer is expected this weekend.


So that is why Niamh feels she brought about the change in seasons.  I’m not sure how to break it to her, I don’t think I will, she will figure it out or else she will get to 30something and still hold out a tiny bit of faith that there is a fairy controlling the weather.