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Bunny bread

Almost too cute to eat (almost)

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Happy Easter

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Enjoying table top day

At the Source.

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The barrier method

Hope you didn’t google search and land here looking for contraceptive advice… My barrier method is how I keep my fast as lighting crawler away from hazards like stairs. Simple you say – get a baby gate! Oh no no no…. baby gates are for people who either have only one set of stairs and/or no other kids that would scream because they can’t open the baby gate. I have major complications on both fronts.


Number one, I have a multilevel split. 4 levels to be exact. That is 3 sets of stairs or 6 holes to plug. To complicate things the major set of stairs has a decorative post that is not an easy place to mount a gate. One more complication is space at the bottom and to of most of these steps is limited so a swinging gate would be hard to open either way. More complications – no one level has everything, we have a kitchen level with no bathroom, 2 bedrooms and a bath and living room up, 2 bedrooms and a play room down, and our 4th level we call ‘down down’ is Lars’s office and laundry room (not the same room, he does not have to perch on the washer to do his work) but you get the picture that we go up and down stairs constantly so a gate would be a huge pain and most likely get left open anyway.


Number two (as if there were not enough complications) Zoe can’t really do the squeeze latch gates yet and is very un impressed that her freedom to roam is impeded

Hey, why am I stuck here? Oh well, it is a box of toys, might as well play.

I obviously had this problem in the past since this is #3 but our hours in the house are now increased by 1000%. Last time I had a few pressure gates that we used but usually I just stayed on top of them. I’m still on top of the baby but she is fast, and, loves to explore so I just need to set some boundaries thus my baby gate alternative.


I’m putting this up just in case anyone else has a similar problem but my grand solution is to put ‘stuff’ in the way. I have a tote I pull into the gap to barricade her into the kitchen. I use the Dora Kitchen and a trunk to trap her in the bedroom area when I’m folding laundry or using the bathroom. The pro is they are easy to move and I can step over them and Niamh and Zoe can too. The con – well the same as any gate, you have to remember to close it. Visually it is nice that we don’t have gates everywhere, you only need to use the barrier method when you are in a zone. The stuff is near by anyway, I just moved a few things to make it easy to barrier in 2 seconds. Another pro is I think babies know when they are being penned and they get mad. With this she does seem to wonder why she can’t get there from here anymore, but, there is a big pile of toys so the world is ok (Plus her sisters visit)

Sister to the left of me, sister to the right

I think this will do ok until she learns stairs and in our house that is earlier rather then later. She is already trying to climb the low barriers, looking for things to step on and rather then stressing out I’m glad my babies brains are thinking.

there must be a way around this thing….


1.5 wins

Gymnastics was an absolute win.  I wish I had pictures but they were far away through glass and constantly in motion.  The decision now is to either keep them in the same class where Niamh is the giant, or, move Niamh to the class with her age group meaning I have to sit through 2 hours of classes keeping 2 children happy in the lobby.  Need to think on that.


The half win was the playdate.  It was a good concept (dress up) and the people there were all great but the timing was not so wonderful.  Fiona took a micro nap instead of sleeping through and Zoe was ok until the end when she melted down about leaving.  That melt down was totally tired girl talking because she was asleep before the end of their driveway.  The hostess little girl needed a nap too and it devolved pretty fast and I think everyone but one little boy was crying at some point.  I still call it half a win because it was fun and nice to see a new place and talk with moms.  Zoe and Fiona are asleep and Niamh is resting so I have my bit of peace still so that might actually bump the win count up to 1.75.


The costo trip is still in the future but with naps happening I am confident we will be ok.


Last but not least weather….  We are snowbound no longer!!!  It has been over 35 for 3 days and every time I look out the window I see less snow.  We left our driveway at 10am with crunchy icy bumps and returned at 2 to a pristine blacktop.  There is vague hope the Easter bunny can hide eggs outside but we may need to wear mud boots.  Spring is springing (or more accurately dripping).

Easter curtains

I’ve been on a quest to have seasonal curtain panels in the living room and so far I’ve done pretty well. I ran out of rails and I didn’t have time to go to Ikea so I doubled up to see if I could actually just flip them around.  It didn’t work out too badly but not perfect either.  The first problem I had was the raw edges showing and I solved that by trimming off the edge very closely.  The second problem is that the ‘back’ side of the rail was pretty ugly

I looked at it for a day or so and found the solution.  Pretty paper!  JoAnn’s had scrapbook paper on sale so I got 4 for a dollar and the rail had a built in groove perfect for a strip of paper.  Lars didn’t notice anything at all – not the ugly side nor the solution but I like it much better.


I think the curtains are cute and good for easter but also ok for the month/spring.  There is something just so fun about parachuting chickens and lambs.

So far this is the extent of my easter decor.  My sister posted a good article about how holidays are getting just a bit too big and I agree.  I like doing something special but sometimes the decorating world isn’t just passing me, it is lapping me.  Pinterest rubs it in a bit with all the ideas that I just don’t have time to do but I’m glad  for what I do have time for.


Today Zoe came home from school with a decorated egg.  As I was writing this she snuck upstairs and got her egg and I intercepted her on her way back to bed.  Her plan was to sleep with the egg.  We convinced her to put it in the fridge but she did not want it with the other eggs, she wanted it with the catsup   Who knows what goes on in their brains…    She is in bed now sans egg so we will call that a win.  Easter egg decorating is on the list for Friday or Saturday.  Tomorrow we have a busy day, I have the girls in a trial gymnastics class because after last weeks open gym at gymnastics they ask daily to go back.  After the class we go directly to a dress up play date lunch that should be very fun too.  Home again for hopeful naps and once Lars is done with work costco shopping for easter brunch stuff (its just us so but costco is still best for fruit).  That is quite enough activity for one day, I hope we make it.


I’ll fill in more tomorrow, sleep well everyone.


Ps. no reply from other Kate but given the cracked way facebook has for communicating with people yo uare not friends with I doubt I ever will.  Did you know you have an ‘other’ folder in your facebook mail?  Me neither until yesterday, there is stuff in there from 2008 I neve knew about.  Oh well, someday I’ll clear it  up