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Micro stories

Yesterday I was listening to NPR on the way to or from something and the person being interviewed was talking about how a very short film is its own art form of a micro story.  I like the term, it basically applies to what I do here – I have a limited amount of time and space to write my story of the day.  Sometimes I have more time or more to say – sometimes the opposite – but each post is a short story but hopefully a complete one.  I’ll never be quite as brief as the famous one line story; “for sale, baby shoes, never worn”.  That was always a really sad story in my head, one where the family never has kids or even worse the baby died… It was sad until I actually had kids, bought baby shoes, put shoes somewhere safe and kid foot rocketed past that itsy size and bam – baby shoes never worn. Not sad at all.  I have a vast collection of baby shoes never worn, some because of size issues and some because I feel adding shoes to kicky baby feet is just weaponizing them (and fancy girl shoes often have pointy hard heels) and some because if they don’t touch the ground why do they need shoes?  All my girls were more interested in pulling off the shoes and chewing on them then anything else.  Now my newest reason for no shoes is slippy floors and one concussion is enough – Fiona can be barefoot so she has some traction while she is learning to walk, then we will talk shoes.


American Express… are you really safe?

Just after Fiona was born Lars got a Costco membership for us, the one we had before was with my parents and Lars was not named so it was a pain that I always had to be the ‘member’ there.  Anyway he got the American Express card too, and, one for me too – sounds like it should be easy right?  Well somehow he got one card for himself and a totally different card for me (like different numbers) and then he shopped and a month or so later when I was expecting a bill I called in and asked and they checked my number and there was a zero balance on both and I thought well maybe he just used cash.  Months later I get a threatening letter that we had an unpaid bill so I call on it and they still show zero balances so I asked them what the letter was about and of course there is nothing like an account on the note but after much prompting they told me the balance due might be on a card under my husbands name but they could not confirm or deny that without his approval – privacy you see – wouldn’t want the little missis seeing somehing on his ‘private’ account* even though I could recite all his info including SS# they would not talk to me.  I handed the phone to him and said “deal with them!!!” and soon it was worked out – fees reversed becaue they did show notes of me trying to pay them so all is well that ends well.

Well, there is still the situation of multiple American Express cards and while I’m named on Lars’s card as a ‘manager’ I don’t want to have to check/pay different accounts each month depending on who is closer to the regester at Costco.  So yesterday I call to straightened it out, but, I didn’t have his card number (it is with him) so I just zeroed out until I got a person and she looked it up based on my name and the last 4 numbers that are on the statement in my hand.  On the one hand’ we get my completely unnecessary card candled and then I ask for a duplicate card.  Their security for ordering a duplicate card is to ask me questions based on public record – the question was what car do I drive!!!  Ok, so when I’m desperately trying to pay a bill they don’t want to talk to me no matter how much info I have, but, with the info that could be stolen from the mail box and the public record info someone can order a card on an account.  I don’t know why there is a hole like that…

My problem is solved at least but I still don’t have a ton of faith in American Express   I will never know why Costco will only use them, I’m sure there is some leverage behind the scenes we don’t want to know about.


I’m playing hide and seek and I’m pretty sure they will not find me for a while. I’m under the table if anyone is looking for me.

Typed lovingly with my thumbs

Home safe and sound

We had a exciting visit to the ER where we had great nurses and a lousy (or overworked) doctor that took forever to ever see us and then even longer to give us the CT results.  A CT for an eight month old is not very nice, they super swaddle her and strap her head down and thankfully it is a very fast machine.  She screamed her head off but that is better then the lethargic baby we took in.  She was slowly getting better as we waited and it was a lovely thing.

The offical diagnosious was a mild concussion.  We need to watch her and wake her up every 4 hours.  It is pretty easy since she likes to wake up every 4 ish hours anyway.  She developed a nice bump and still has a soft head still so hopefully no harm done.

For the second time in a week we went to village inn, it is right near the hospital and in our rush to leave not much breakfast was eaten.  Lars had been making a big omelet when the fall happened – I shoveled a few bites in as I was waiting for everyone to get dressed.  I told them they had 2 min and we were leaving with whatever they were wearing, I figure the ER had seen worse and we would have plenty of time once we got there to put on clothes but I wanted to be there asap. I also grabbed a hairbrush, a bunch of snacks, the kindle and its charger and a phone charger and shoved it all in the diaper bag that is always ready to go.  I was ready for the worst but hoping for the best.  By late lunch we were eating and Fiona was packing away a buttermilk pancake and fistfuls of fries.

We sacked out for an hour and then, since we had to keep her up anyway, we went to the 3pm show of The Wizard of Oz put on by the local children’s theater.  100% of the people in the show were 6th grade or below and they were very good considering.  The Lion was the best but Dorthery did a great job and really all the kids performed better then I could have thought.  Fiona enjoyed it, Zoe liked it more or less and Niamh was entranced.  It could have been 10 min shorter and everyone would have been in better humor leaving but it worked out and I’m glad the day was not completely over shadowed by the ER experience.

The day was on the stressful side so we all decompressed for the hour before dinner.  Zoe choose playing in her room and I distinctly heard her rendition of some of the wizard of oz songs wafting from below.  Zoe likes to replay her day with her dolls, it is cute to watch and I’m double glad that is in her mind rather then hospitals.  Niamh and Fiona played while I sorted and folded laundry and Niamh did a creditable job matching socks and helped me put away the laundry when I finished the folding.  Lars cooked for the kids and it was a very standard dull evening of dinner, bath, books, bed.

Fiona still needs to fully recover but by evening she was pretty normal and I think Lars will feel guilty longer then she has a bump.


Someone is in the er this morning.

Fiona fell and bumped hard enough to puke so here we are checking it out. I’m sure it’s nothing but better safe then sorry

Typed lovingly with my thumbs

The Liebster Award

The other day I mentioned I ‘won’ the Liebster award.  It is an internet kudos, not really a judged award, but I’m very glad to make the top list of blogs for someone out there.  Like most of these there are some conditions to accepting and they are always fun for getting to know others and that really is the point of the internet blog land – creating a community and a conversation.  To be eligible you must have under 200 followers and follow the rules of answering the 11 questions asked by your nominator, add in 11 random facts*, choose people to award it on to (no repeats, share the love), and make 11 new questions for them.

Without further delay, the conditions;

Answering 11 Questions From Keeping a Thought

1. What genre of music do you dislike the most, if any?  I dislike the genre of very loud screaming people.  A little bit of screaming is ok but if that is all it is I can just take something away from Zoe and give it to Niamh and have it live and in stereo   I have no idea why Lars likes this genre (or maybe he plays it so I won’t bother him)

2. What is one skill or talent that you would want the most? Ohh… I think I would really love to sing really well.  There are so many awesome talents out there it is hard to pick.

3. Who is your role model, if any, and why? depends on for what, I have role models for being a mom (my mom and my friend Kathy), business (boss Dave),  Organization and domestic splendor (Martha Stewart).  There are more, someone for everything and I also have anti-role models, the people who I will do anything to avoid being like – good to nail down both ends of the spectrum.

4. What’s your reason for starting a blog? Two reasons, both stated many times – #1 to keep my family and friends informed in my doings  #2 so I can look back and see what I or someone did/felt/etc. Even if it isn’t spelled out in a post I can read between my own lines and know.

5. What is your current favorite song? I’m not super into music really but I’ve really been into the faster aerobics speed mixes on pandora

6. What irritates you the most? Stupid people

7 Do you have any irrational fears? What are they (if you’re willing to say)? Water in my face

8. Would you be willing to jump off an airplane (with a parachute)? Why or why not? I guess I would but it isn’t my first choice of activity

9. What was your weirdest dream? I can’t remember any odd night time dreams, they are pretty mundane  usually.  Weirdest dream like ‘like to do’ might be to have a whole day to just super organize and clean.

10. If there was a zombie apocalypse (which I highly doubt, I hope), what three items would you want the most to survive and defend yourself against these moving corpses? Field hockey stick (carbon fiber stick with a club end), a blowtorch, and a bunker full of everything I need for a few years.

11. Did any of these questions irritate you, honestly? Na, innocent enough

Questions for My Nominees

1. What is your favorite hairstyle

2. How did you meet your partner, if you don’t have one yet, how would you dream to meet one?

3. What are you too old for but still do anyway?

4. Are you mad and anyone for an irrational reason?

5. What books have you read more then once?  If none, what would you read again?

6. Favorite beverage and why

7. Who cooks best in your family?

8. What is the last thing you took a picture of?

9. If you were a flower what would you be?

10. Where are you in your birth order?

11. What is your dream job?

And Here are my Nominees – Last time I had an award like this I found a whole good list and then most of them didn’t care at all so this time I’m going with ones I really read and like and want to recognize.

Katie Anna – a fellow Kate I met on a mommyblogger list who had a baby just after I did.  Her writing is hilarious, highly recommend

Shake things up; because I’m a nepotist and the blog is written by my sisters sweetie Evan and is about the cutest baby boy out there.

Kate’s Creative space – another Kate and this one in England, she has an awesome blog about crafting things and they are all too perfect.  I love/hate her at the same time because she has such a fun sounding house and such skill to actually do all those things.

Renal failure – A talented writer friend (friend who is a writer?) has a sarcastic and ironic political style blog that indulges his multiple personalities and is fun, and often even informative, to read. Hopefully he accepts it and it would be even better if he answers the questions with his various people.

Living the post grad dream – She has over 200 followers but I think that might be because she just had a bit of a viral internet picture.  Her style is fun and an easy to read and a lot like candy.

only 5 but all quality.  I wish I could link back since it really is a good blog that recommended me but I’ll remember him next time.

*I actually forgot the 11 random facts about myself so I’m tacking it on  here;

1. I kept my christmas lights going until the end of January – I like a bit of light and sparkle when it is so dark.

2. Right now we are watching The Game of Thrones

3. I’m reading Harry Potter fan fiction James Potter book 3 – it is an excellent set of books and very good continuation.

4. I have a water cup I love so much I took it with me to NY, it is a well traveled cup.

5. my favorite beer is Sam Adams Cherry Wheat

6. I’ve memorized a few dozen children’s books, I can recite they 100% and will for life

7. My favorite piece of technology is my iPhone

8. The last thing I painted was an accent wall in my living room

9. I have a large shoe collection and it is hard to not keep adding to it

10. I can do 4 pull up’s

11. I seriously over think art