Archive | February 25, 2013

What I learned from Brett Michaels

Brett Michaels was on the Celebrity Apprentice a year or so (or 3?) ago and he said one very important thing when he was coaching someone on talking to the press; “Never say ‘I’m tired’ “.  The gist of the statement was that nobody wants to hear that, there is no real way to carry on a conversation with that offering, and it is just plain dull.

Brett Michaels – Royalty free 🙂

So, to avoid the ‘tired’ trap but still faithfully record the weekend in one word; Flu-pocalypse (like the Apocalypse but from the flu).  Fiona puked for 12 hours and we are not going to even talk about Lars.  I (so far) have avoided it but all in all the weekend was mostly tv, video games, and laundry.  If you put it that way, Lars might have really liked the weekend except for the bathroom:video game ratio was not skewed the way he wanted.


In other news, I am working on UFO this week.  March is creeping up and after March we start our busy season of birthdays and travel and outside and fun so I don’t have much time to get all those to-do things done.  One would think I would have more free time with the stay at home life but it is not true.  On top of maintaining ‘alive’ status and striving for ‘happy’ status with 3 humans, I am attempting to do a few other ventures.  So far has netted me $30 so that is nice, and, I’m in revision II of my Vita for a hopeful teaching position.  We are Bank pending on a town house so that might happen any time (bank as in it is a short sale so they need to say yes, not our bank giving us money).  I am also making a go of the Melaleuca thing but my go isn’t going very far.  All good things come with time right?


#3 is still passionately resisting napping so I should go tend to her.  More on UFO’s later