Archive | February 21, 2013

Micro stories

Yesterday I was listening to NPR on the way to or from something and the person being interviewed was talking about how a very short film is its own art form of a micro story.  I like the term, it basically applies to what I do here – I have a limited amount of time and space to write my story of the day.  Sometimes I have more time or more to say – sometimes the opposite – but each post is a short story but hopefully a complete one.  I’ll never be quite as brief as the famous one line story; “for sale, baby shoes, never worn”.  That was always a really sad story in my head, one where the family never has kids or even worse the baby died… It was sad until I actually had kids, bought baby shoes, put shoes somewhere safe and kid foot rocketed past that itsy size and bam – baby shoes never worn. Not sad at all.  I have a vast collection of baby shoes never worn, some because of size issues and some because I feel adding shoes to kicky baby feet is just weaponizing them (and fancy girl shoes often have pointy hard heels) and some because if they don’t touch the ground why do they need shoes?  All my girls were more interested in pulling off the shoes and chewing on them then anything else.  Now my newest reason for no shoes is slippy floors and one concussion is enough – Fiona can be barefoot so she has some traction while she is learning to walk, then we will talk shoes.