Why I cook on the floor

My mom had a screen saver when I was little that had random quotes and one was Paul’s law “you can’t fall off the floor” and that has stuck with me in life.  When I just had Niamh it was easier to cook on the counter with her just like ‘normal’ but I was always worried about her falling off the chair etc and we never had enough space.  When she was around 2 I started letting Niamh put her own chicken nuggets (or whatever) food onto her own plate because then she was more likely to eat it and I just put her plate on the floor and the bag next to it and she did it, way easier than bringing chair over, clearing space yada yada yada.  You can see the evolution happening…

With two children wanting to help I just started doing everything not dangerous on the floor.

Nobody falls, things can’t fall off the counter and brake on the floor either.  Much bigger working area and I could even legally use the bubmo to let Fiona in on the action.  You know the floor gets messy even if your prepping on the counter, this way there is the bonus of clean counters at the end.

this is what would happen if we cooked on the counters.

I like letting the kids taste and see and help.  I don’t get a half hour to do things often without them so I’m not going to use that time up mixing up a cake, or, parking them in a technology bubble so I can cook dinner.  Trust me, some days I do, lots of times I wish I did as it takes 3x as long and there are fights over who gets to add what  but I think it is worth it in the long run.  Niamh is getting the hang of baking (even if results are mixed) but they are understanding more about mixing and colors and what goes together and while lots of moms cook with their kids, I just moved it to the floor.  So, if you are wondering how to involve your kids in cooking more I highly recommend moving to the floor.


ps.  if you do start cooking on the floor get an extension cord just for your mixer, its worth it.

pps. my kids pick their own clothing

ppps. yes, that is a training potty in the kitchen, it was never actually used other than as a stool.

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6 responses to “Why I cook on the floor”

  1. irishcsred says :

    Creative! I like it! Perhaps I will give it a shot with my two youngins 🙂


  2. meala says :

    Cool idea.

    Also, I got a chuckle out of the potty chair having never been used as anything other than a stool, since I grew up knowing stool as another word for toilet. (what happens when you grow up in the north, but most of your family is from the south). =)


  3. Traci says :

    I spent several years living in a culture that does all food prep and even some of the cooking from the floor. As long as the floor is clean, it’s not a problem. And it certainly gives you more space . . . 🙂

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    • kateluthner79 says :

      I knew it was too good an idea to not be more widespread. I also can camp cook and that is basically over a burner or fire. Thanks for the comment!


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