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Growing up

I think this is a glimpse into the future. She is talking on the ‘phone’ and continued to perch like this for ages.

Why I cook on the floor

My mom had a screen saver when I was little that had random quotes and one was Paul’s law “you can’t fall off the floor” and that has stuck with me in life.  When I just had Niamh it was easier to cook on the counter with her just like ‘normal’ but I was always worried about her falling off the chair etc and we never had enough space.  When she was around 2 I started letting Niamh put her own chicken nuggets (or whatever) food onto her own plate because then she was more likely to eat it and I just put her plate on the floor and the bag next to it and she did it, way easier than bringing chair over, clearing space yada yada yada.  You can see the evolution happening…

With two children wanting to help I just started doing everything not dangerous on the floor.

Nobody falls, things can’t fall off the counter and brake on the floor either.  Much bigger working area and I could even legally use the bubmo to let Fiona in on the action.  You know the floor gets messy even if your prepping on the counter, this way there is the bonus of clean counters at the end.

this is what would happen if we cooked on the counters.

I like letting the kids taste and see and help.  I don’t get a half hour to do things often without them so I’m not going to use that time up mixing up a cake, or, parking them in a technology bubble so I can cook dinner.  Trust me, some days I do, lots of times I wish I did as it takes 3x as long and there are fights over who gets to add what  but I think it is worth it in the long run.  Niamh is getting the hang of baking (even if results are mixed) but they are understanding more about mixing and colors and what goes together and while lots of moms cook with their kids, I just moved it to the floor.  So, if you are wondering how to involve your kids in cooking more I highly recommend moving to the floor.


ps.  if you do start cooking on the floor get an extension cord just for your mixer, its worth it.

pps. my kids pick their own clothing

ppps. yes, that is a training potty in the kitchen, it was never actually used other than as a stool.

The other Kate(s) strike again

Ok, this is getting ridiculous…  There are now potentially 3 different Kates who have a similar enough e-mail address to mine that I occasionally get their mail.


Aussie Kate – my #1 other Kate is getting out and about with (I assume) her husband and tried to reserve a table at a swanky restaurant in Sydney Australia.  Unfortunately for her they are totally booked that night – double unfortunate is they sent ME the note saying they are booked solid so I hope poor Aussie Kate doesn’t show up thinking they accepted her reservation!  (I nicely replied and told them to try another contact means)


A Kate in Pa – this is either a new Kate, or, possibly the one from this post – but – David’s bridal would like to inform her that her dress is in.  If there is one email you really want to get it is when your dress has arrived!  (again, replied to the company and hopefully they have her phone number)


And to top it all off – another new Kate, we will call English Dating Kate because she signed up for with my e-mail address and she is apparently very popular, or, is very random with the matches because I keep getting her notifications.  I’m not sure how to handle this one…  I am assuming she is in England based on the home town names of the guys she is matched with.


So, other Kates, please be careful with your e-mail address….

Date night is over rated, go for date afternoon!

I know many people swear by their date nights and I whole heartily agree that getting out child free, or, just do do something different is a very positive thing but yesterday we had a fantastic date afternoon and I loved it more then any date nigh!


First, date NIGHT means basically paying a sitter to maybe deal with dinner, bedtime, and then hang out at our house for a bit while they are asleep.  Night is also the time that I get tired because, well, it is at the end of being awake, active, and catering to 3 small humans for up to 12 hours.  I’ve had lovely date nights but by the end I just want to go home and chill out and I’ve fallen asleep during more then one movie.


Date AFTERNOON means we have a nice morning with the kids, feed them lunch, and then hand them over to the sitter before the grind of the day really sets in.  If things go well (for her) there is some nap going on but that is not a given.  She then gets to be the ringleader for a few hours and we get home after a fabulous 5 hours without kids and there is dinner on the table and we get the bedtime routine and by 8pm I’m in my cozy pants refreshed and happy.  As an added bonus we stopped at a sushi place on the way home to get take out for dinner and it was HAPPY HOUR!  I’ve never been to a happy hour and nothing makes me more happy then sushi $3-$5 per roll less then normal, plus, we got the most fresh fish of the day.  


It is a win win because our sitter is out of here in plenty of time for evening plans and we didn’t drag ourselves out into the dark night tired from a day of child wrangling.  Afternoons also mean more potential date time because if we left for 5 hours in the evening we would be gone until midnight, afternoon date 5 hours is the incredibly social hour of 6pm followed by the (relative) peace of bedtime.


I can see not wanting to burn a family day on a date, but, I get to see the kids tons and Lars actually gets to see them more then before because he works from home and will see them at lunch.  (How we function with him working and me home is its own post).  Finding a week night we can get away is actually way harder then a weekend afternoon at the moment.  This was the longest I’ve been away from Fiona but she was a champ and was very happy with our sitter.  Our sitter is extra awesome because while the kids were down for a bit she did 2 loads of laundry and cleaned the kitchen counters and floors – she rocks – so we came home refreshed and cultured to a tidy kitchen and happy kids, who could ask for more.


Ps. The actual date was to see the Terracotta warriors exhibit at the MN art museum.  It was pretty awesome, not so much for what they are but the fact that they are significantly bc and very impressive level of detail.  The whole first emperor story is interesting and in my opinion, he achieved immortality because we are still talking about him.  I hope he is somewhere enjoying that (while simultaneously being poked by pitchforks because he had all his wives, servants, and the builders of the tomb buried alive with him)

MIA photo credit – this is their catalogue – click to link

Terracotta warriors

On the final day of the exhibit we had a child free afternoon at the museum.

Typed lovingly with my thumbs

Tea party

Today Niamh went to her BFF’s birthday at Avalon tea room. They all wore princess dresses and were so cute another table asked if they could take their picture. The tea house itself was a mixed bag, but, the kids had a great time and so did the moms (we had our own table)