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M week Mouse ornament

Just in time for Christmas another pinterest craft realized.

When I found this ornament I knew I had to do it but the pin I made had a dead link so I had to figure it out myself.  The original picture looks like it used felt for the ears but I feel like that would be too bulky (plus I didn’t have felt) so I used pink paper I had on hand and I like the way it turned out.

I started with tacky glue, tape, fishing line, scrap pink paper,  Hershey kisses, and  Google eyes.  I would say you could use any thin thread rather then fishing line and any glue you like, I just had these on hand.

Step one is cutting a short loop of line/thread  and a heard shape with the point cut off.  Then tape the loop to the heard.  I like to use tape since it is faster and I could get the loop I wanted.

Step two –  apply a good glob of glue

Step three – mash a kiss onto the glue and position the ‘ears’  so they look cute.

Step four – trim off the Hershey flag and glue on the eyes – bam! you have a mouse face

Step five – add glue to the other side of the ears and mush the other kiss on – Vola – mouse body

Step six – cut a strip of pink and curl it like ribbon using the scissors, add glue and stick it to the bottom of the mouse body and the rear Hershey flag

Step seven – let dry then hang on tree

Step eight – make like 5 or 6 more then eat the remainder of the kisses.

This is the most cute a mouse can be

Counting down

Tis the season for counting down to things.  There are so many little events all through the October/November/December months that there is never a dull moment and plenty of super frantic busy ones.

(T-0 days)

Today I can not forget to say Happy Home Ownership anniversary to Lars and I.  Setting the bar very very high – we got this house on Dec 17th 2004 for my birthday.  We never thought we would fill it up but now I am using all my best space saver and organizing moves so we can make it work for our family of 5.

(T-1 day)

Tomorrow is my birthday and while it isn’t a ‘big’ one it will be fun to have a day with my family doing things I like to do.  Lars got a half day so I’m excited for tomorrow.


(T-?* days)

Going to NY to join all the family and we are flying this time.  Flying is very nice since it will only take 3 hours, but, luggage issues….  I would like to say that Delta is the reason I have to pollute the environment with disposable diapers since I can’t afford the space for all my cloth diapers.


(T-8 days)

Christmas! what we are all counting down to!!!  There are so many fun things about Christmas and this year Niamh REALLY gets it and wants to leave cookies for santa and everything.


(T-12 days)

Fiona is getting christened with her cousin Chase who will be my godson.  I was not on the ball about invitations but if you are in the Sayville area on Dec 29 at 1 pm we will be at St Lawrence Church making some babies more holy and then there will be cake.


(T-? days)

Travel back to MN.  No matter how awesome it is to see everyone and be in NY, it is nice to be in my house where I know where everything is like the tape, my parents are always hiding the tape.


And then after that a whole lot of nothing….  I heard a good one the other day when I said that post Jan 1 there is 3 months of waste land – she said that 3 months is for loosing the holiday weight.  I think I’ll be doing fun sewing and crafting and organizing and working out and, you know, watching the kids during those dark winter months.  Any suggestions for the post holiday days?  What are you all doing?


Ps. 51 holiday cards and 1 package safely in the hands of the postal service


* I do know when I’m going but just in case I’ve developed a stalker who wants to rob me I’m leaving off the dates so s/he has to at least work at figuring out when I’m gone.