Archive | December 16, 2012

Amazon is as good at keeping Christmas secrets as my 4 year old

I don’t know about you but I like surprises on Christmas  This year we did a lot of Amazon shopping because we didn’t need to leave the house and we have a prime membership.  Lars actually did a bunch of shopping for me and here is where Amazon really needs help…. I, as the prime membership holder, got a nice note about each thing that was shipping as it was shipping.  So, in the subject of each e-mail was a glaring noun announcing exactly what was on the way.

I compare Amazon to my 4 year old because the other major shopping trip Lars went on he took Niamh and she had strict instructions to not tell ZOE about what they got but she still ended up telling me.  She actually told me in kinda cute ways like when I was getting ready to work out she asked why I was not wearing the sparkling workout shirt daddy got me and I had to say that I didn’t have it yet because it isn’t my birthday or Christmas yet. (by the way, I fear what a sparkly workout shirt will look like – apparently Niamh’s taste runs toward the flashy).

So Amazon, if you are listening, you should offer a spot to turn on or off or change the e-mail notifications so prime holders are not bombarded/taunted by the gifts coming to their home.

ps. Dyson from Amazon is double bad – they don’t even use plain boxes so one day a dyson box arrived on my doorstep.  I so can’t wait to open it.  Parents, you know my love of vacuums… in less then two days I get my Dyson digital slim.